My Wish to Marry My Friend Who Looks like Pamela Anderson?

After giving some thought, I was already thinking of marrying that Pamela Anderson lookalike.  I would say this sounds reckless but I am thinking of marrying her for my wife.  So far, I can say there's some familiarity as her mom is some friend of my mom, she's a sweet girl and all and we have a lot of objects of interest together.  It's been something to know she's a pretty decent person despite her being so hot.  We are two years in gap, she's younger than I am by two years so it's pretty close.  The past must go, I must move on and I believe I can move on with my friend who looks like her and she is practically my dream girl.

My plans involving her is a short-term relationship, get to know each other better then marry her as soon as possible so it'll be easier to have babies.  Even if she's half-Chinese, there's a possibility that our children who will most likely be 31% Swiss, there's a high chance they will most likely look like her.  After all, Caucasian blood does seem to override Asian features more often times than not even if it's the mother who is Caucasian.  Again, some women have stronger genes, other have weaker genes and the same applies for men as well because as said, weak people and strong people exist in both genders.  It's a very case to case basis but I wish that if I marry her and have children by her, all my children will look like her whether they be sons or daughters.

For family life, I want to keep it simple only seeking improvement to survive.  That is, don't accumulate too much money.  Keep investing with decent investments in good banks, save money, spend only when needed and buy fun stuff only when they're discounted.  That is, value spending.  As far as concerned, she is a value spender and a brainy woman (she's probably going to take her law oath taking soon) so I guess I can get along with her.  Plus, she's pretty much a sweet and kind person.

However this might be just a fantasy but I wish this can come true!