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Recalling My Alleged Oedipus Complex Issues...

It should be crazy how I am kind of infatuated with some girl who I think resembles my mother's physical appearance which can end up like Golion's Sincline falling for Farla.

I get pretty attracted to her appearance because she resembles my mother...

It always ends up in a terrible slap! Ouch!

Actually that girl is pretty much an obsession for some reason. But I didn't even bother to attempt any of Sincline's gestures on her in public.

Some Crazy Family Laborer

Actually I do have my own pains of dealing with our low, incompetent yet boastful family laborer whose really giving me the headaches. So far here's how crazy he can get:
He thinks he's very handsome but his face is far uglier than you can imagine and his teeth are in bad condition.He rarely speaks clearly. He refers to everyone as simply as pronouns!
He could at least use the changing room but he DOES NOT. Instead he chooses to change his clothes were people can see him in his underwear thinking he's so macho.He thinks he's such a great singer but if we owned a mall or a radio station and he sings, we'll become poorer than poor the next day! He also said his album was lost in the fire.
He has less money but he raises his lazy nephew (who I assume he adopted) and wants to get a younger (and richer) wife. His wife calls us whenever he's sick but he wants to a hot superstar. What the?! Another time, he even thought of courting Jasmine-san (the Ayumi Kinoshita…

Why I Prefer Super Sentai Over Power Rangers

Here are some reasons why I prefer Super Sentai over Power Rangers:First and foremost, I started off watching Super Sentai before Power Rangers so it came first. But not only that, being Asian does create a bias in me. Don't get me wrong- I do also check out American stuff but most American stuff these days are getting simple-minded.
In Super Sentai, character development is kind of more solid than Power Rangers IMO. Why? I mean, they are far more portrayed to have negative sides as well and that, jerks in Super Sentai are well... more of a jerk which really adds the reality of nuisances in the workplace.
About the humor- okay Bulk and Skull may be funny but they can become a plot killer more than a plot help IMO. In Super Sentai, the comic reliefs are usually among the heroes who can even be dumber and more comical than Bulk and Skull combined.
More action in Super Sentai. Yup I'm a fan of ridiculously powerful hits that send people flying acr…

Painful Nostalgia of my First Crush

It just occurred to me that I'm in a series of giving into the inability to let go of the past. Why? I have met the mother of the girl who I once liked that much but then, I was merely very young when I had fought with some guy for her. What really bothers me is that after seeing her pictures lately, it's hard to fall for her again ever since I have ran across such lovely women compared to her. I personally have even stopped listening to Beethoven's Appassionata. On the other hand, I have met the other girl who I could end up marrying but I didn't bother to talk to that person because my relationship with a friend of mine was nearly ruined over that love triangle.

Cindy Crawford Aging Gracefully

Cindy Crawford may have not been the hottest woman but she's aging gracefully.

A younger Cindy Crawford... quite stunning although not as stunning as a younger Pamela Anderson.

An aging Cindy Crawford but still kind of hot mama for a 44 year old huh? I guess it pays not to mess with your appearance when you were younger.

Some Negative Sides of Most Pinoys

Here's the negative side about most Pinoys (referred to as "native" Filipinos whose ancestors have been in the Philippines centuries ago) which are:
Stuck with the American superiority mentality. Yup that's the reality. No wonder why Tokusatsu's having a hard time entering the Philippines. Also this kind of mentality has led into the increase of sex tourism.Timeliness is another problem. Yup how true. I could agree no more no less. This is a very damaging image to the Philippines.  Many of them suffer from double standard too- it's okay for them to be late but not their subordinates.Refusing to save up money.  After the salary is paid, these guys just waste it all in the night club or wherever they feel like it.The rich redeemer mentality. They choose rich partners for their children but they turn out to be pretty sleazy.Being materialistic even when one isn't rich or worse, financially struggling below the poverty line.The feasting mentality. Ev…

Strange How the Beauty Queen Can't See Her Own Beauty HUH?

Pamela Anderson was certainly the beauty queen for some time from the late 8os to the early 90s. But it just strange she never saw how pretty she really was on the mirror and had to MAR herself with all the unnecessary surgeries.

Here's just a comparison- before she had surgeries, she was HOT, HOT and HOT. The surgeries have ruined her face and thus her natural aging isn't working well. Plus I find it annoying how her body got disfigured too with all those implants. UGH!

And well, she was just naturally hot back then. Why did she mar herself?

Emma Roberts Barefoot in LA

This is a pretty weird thing for Emma Roberts to do, to go on barefoot. Comment: in this photo, Emma Roberts is really very pale and has a ghastly expression on a pretty face.

Emma Roberts in Scream 4

Although I'm not much of a fan of the Scream series but I may watch it all for her appearances. LOL. She's hot.

Some Oriental Women Are THAT HOT!

I'll just have to face it NOT all Caucasian women are hot and that's true. On the other hand, some Oriental women are really that attractive that they attract Caucasian males just as some Caucasian women can be that hot to attract Oriental males too.

Some Bad Things About American Entertainment

I would like to think about some bad things I've noticed about American entertainment. Here they are:

American entertainment is basically watered down and gets too extended at times that plots soon get ruined. Most of them don't have a proper ending too.

Humor can be too simpleminded. Take for instance how the Scooby Doo series has laughs even when there's nothing funny.

Watched Baywatch in Pamela Anderson's Pre-Cosmetic Surgery Days

Another confession I may have to make is that I watched Baywatch during the days when Pamela Anderson wasn't marred yet. Hmmm... and I simply have to admit that she was quite hot there as Casey Jean Parker. But after she marred herself, ugh.

Sometimes A Lack of Physical Beauty to a Certain Extent Helps Make a Woman Look More Innocent

Well it's kind of true that sometimes a lack of physical beauty to a certain extent can contribute to a more innocent look. Take for example...

We have Filipino-Chinese actress Maria Beatriz Saw. Well I don't find her pretty but she's kind of cute and it makes her look more innocent in contrast too...

Rhian Denise Ramos Howell who kinda looks antagonistic IMO.

Rhian Howell's Natural Beauty...

I really think that Rhian Denise Ramos Howell's natural beauty (mixed of Filipino and Welsh descent but being a Filipino, I can't discount the possibility of having Chinese blood mixed into her as well) is really startling. I hope she doesn't mar herself.

A Rare Young Pamela Anderson Photo

This is one of those rare photos of Pamela Anderson, in her younger days. I think that this photo is a proof of her natural hotness. Too bad though, she had to destroy herself. Hmmm only if I could date a Caucasian girl that looks like this. She also looked kind of innocent. Again don't judge a book by its cover! She had the beauty that I thought would have made her more suitable for the stage victim in Interview with the Vampire than Laure Marsac did.