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Satirical News: Toei Ltd. Confirms Shippaiman's Main Cast!

After Machine Man's Osamu Sakuta signs in to play the pseudo-Henshin hero Shippaiman, a new cast was created. One may be ready to laugh at the casting of Shippaiman. The following are cast to play as the recurring characters in the comedy series. There will also be various guest stars for Shippaiman as well.

Sakuta also confirms the plot of Shippaiman to take place in a dystopian Japan. Descendants of Ieyasu Tokugawa have formed the Hacienda Tokugawa and have mistreated poor farmers. The current head of the hacienda is the bachelor Nobita Tokugawa. The members of the Hacienda Tokugawa forged an alliance with the Rokudas to take over Japan. But as time passed, their approval ratings declined so they sought to turn Manabu into a super hero but instead, he becomes a super failure.

Mari Kouno plays as Kashiya Sano, Shippaiman's ever ambitious wife. Ever since Japan fell into a starstruck culture, she aims to become the first lady of Japan. The actress was previously Princess Chim…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For May 20, 2016

Still a classic collection nonetheless... 
Such a charming smile
So pretty It's Morphin' Time!

Satirical News: It's Viral: Liberal Party Hires Steve Harvey To Announce Final Results Of Presidential Elections 2016!

During the Leni vs. Bongbong Count, one anonymous person had revealed Liberal Party's latest plan. Considering Digong's win into the presidential race it's revealed that President Nobita has hatched another scheme. Since Hocus PCOS may not be a guarantee to get Liberal Party's foothold, it was revealed that a new master scheme was launched.
The anonymous person said, "I have noticed that in the middle of the night, Korina was crying that Liberal Party may not have much power. It was later revealed that President Nobita reveals his latest master plan. If Hocus PCOS fails since if the machines' official counts get leaks out, there's another plan by the Liberal Party. President Nobita has decided to hire Steve Harvey to announce the results of the presidential elections."

It was leaked that after President Nobita saw where Miss Argentina Claudia Barrionuevo was accidentally announced by mistake and the crown belonged to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach instead, the…

Satirical News: Korina Sanchez-Roxas Threatens To Kill Herself If She Doesn't Become The First Lady!

As the May 9 Elections arrive, it's finally clear as day that Mar Roxas needs to cheat to win. But with his low ratings, it seems that there's been another alternative. After several failed attempts by Roxas to win the first slot without cheating, his wife Korina Sanchez-Roxas now gives her most stupid solution yet.

"If you don't vote for my husband, I'll kill myself!" said Korina trying to induce guilt to the people. She has said that they should be grateful all Roxas did for the country such as the call center industry saying that during Gloria's term, Gloria had no contribution whatsoever to it. She said life will be better under Roxas but nobody takes her husband seriously.

What was last seen was that Korina herself had prepared a .44 calibur magnum pistol in hopes that her death will allow Mar to win. She said, "I don't see why my death will not let Mar win. Leni's getting the lead because of Jesse's death, Nobita won because of his…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For May 5, 2016

Still can't forget that classic first episode
No this wasn't in MMPR...

Bran Flakes And Spongebob

Although I've stopped watching most of Spongebob due to how annoying Patrick got after several episodes, but I still can't forget this scene. Hmmm how bad is his eyesight to mistake Spongebob for "Bran Flakes"? XD

Satirical News: Antonio Trillanes IV, President Nobita Aquino And DBM Secretary Butcher Abad Posed As Models For Boysen Paint

The newest Boysen Commercial now features Antonio Trillanes, Nobita Aquino and Butcher Abad as the latest models
Considering that there can be changes after the May 9 Elections, there's going to be changes. Boysen Inc. has decided to offer contracts for Antonio Trillanes IV, Nobita Aquino and Butcher Abad as Boysen models. Aquino called the opportunity to appear at a Boysen Commercial a great victory for Daang Matuwid. 
The following Boysen Commercial was the basis for Trillanes, Aquino and Abad. To endorse Boysen for the 2016 elections, all three of them posed for Boysen. Trillanes' reasons were to get his Vice Presidency, Aquino wanted to endorse Mar Roxas as his successor and Abad wants to continue DAP even when he's no longer in charge of the Department of Budget and Management. 
Stay tuned for further developments on the three new Boysen Models.

Olivia Jordan Pictures For May 2, 2016

It's no doubt that Olivia Jordan is indeed a natural beauty.

A natural beauty indeed