Satirical News: Toei Ltd. Confirms Shippaiman's Main Cast!

After Machine Man's Osamu Sakuta signs in to play the pseudo-Henshin hero Shippaiman, a new cast was created. One may be ready to laugh at the casting of Shippaiman. The following are cast to play as the recurring characters in the comedy series. There will also be various guest stars for Shippaiman as well.

Sakuta also confirms the plot of Shippaiman to take place in a dystopian Japan. Descendants of Ieyasu Tokugawa have formed the Hacienda Tokugawa and have mistreated poor farmers. The current head of the hacienda is the bachelor Nobita Tokugawa. The members of the Hacienda Tokugawa forged an alliance with the Rokudas to take over Japan. But as time passed, their approval ratings declined so they sought to turn Manabu into a super hero but instead, he becomes a super failure.

Mari Kouno plays as Kashiya Sano, Shippaiman's ever ambitious wife. Ever since Japan fell into a starstruck culture, she aims to become the first lady of Japan. The actress was previously Princess Chimera in Dynaman. She said that a Tokusatsu comedy may soon click better than all of the previous works Toei has mastered.

Yutaka Hirose volunteered to play as Prime Minister Nobita Tokugawa. He's Shippaiman's ever lazy boss and the prime minister that brought Japan down. To "improve" his ratings, Nobita hires Manabu as his right hand man. Seeing to continue his vision of a dystopian Japan, he seeks to make Manabu the new prime minister. He's always in a fight with his adviser Doraebot who's a play on Doraemon. Like his ancestor Ieyasu Tokugawa, he has returned Japan to being closed to the world bringing Japan back to square one.

Kouta Murakami plays as Bum Tokugawa. Nobita's perverted cousin who serves as a member of the parliament. Unlike Nobita, he's a real manipulator and the real power behind the incompetent administration. Murakami describes Bum as a manipulative bastard who uses his cousin Nobita as a puppet to rule Japan.

The "villains" are collectively known as the Winsbrainsdraft is a parody of Winspector. They are the pseudo-villains to Shippaiman's pseudo-heroism. They are the real rescue force that seeks to get rid of the Nobita Administration that has brought Japan to a turmoil. The running gag as said by writer Yoshio Urasawa and writer is that Shippaiman fails every episode. Winsbraindraft rescues people while Shippaiman gets booed.

Hiroshi Miyauchi gets to play as Captain Naoyuki Masaki. The name is a combination of the names Naoyuki Miura and Shunsuke Masaki where both characters were played by Miyauchi. Hiroshi was once the defense minister of Japan but was ousted when Nobita Tokugawa took over Japan. He seeks to end the Tokugawa Administration that has turned Japan's economy to a much bigger drop.

Tyuyoshi Hasashi plays as Sgt. Gregory Tomasu. The chief sniper and champion negotiator of Winsbrainsdraft. Although he's more used to long range combat but he's also capable of fighting at close combat. He's criticized the botched hostage crisis of Rolando Mendoza more than once. Hasashi reprised his role as Hoji in Dekaranger Ten Years After. He gladly took the role he was given.

Rin Takanashi was selected to play as Jules Chikafuji. She's the brains of Winsbrainsdraft. She's the intelligence gatherer of the group who manages to assess the situation. She's mentioned how it might be interesting to play in a comedy Tokusatsu for a change.

Tori Matsuzaka as Takeru Inaba. He was a soldier recruited into the team. He's attracted to Jun but started out as her rival. As time passed, both Shun and Jules managed to get pass that. He's also a negotiator during hostage crisis and has learned to use a katana when necessary. He's actually a descendant of samurai warrior. Matsuzaka describes Jun and Kenshin to have a love/hate relationship.

With that in set, Shippaiman is set to be aired on June 12, 2016 every Sunday at 7:00 P.M. in the evening. Be sure to watch it!