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Some Oriental Girls Have Heart Capturing Beauty!

Some Oriental girls do have heart capturing beauty and I do assume that they may have some blended qualities. After all, it doesn't mean one is white that one is hot. There are some ugly white girls too you know. And well... Super Sentai's girls as of late are hotter than most of Power Rangers' girls but none of them really match up to Kimberly Hart's hotness appearance-wise.

Zac Efron and Emma Roberts Chemistry?

It's just my wishful thinking but I think Emma Roberts does have some chemistry with Zac Efron. But then I would wish they'd be cast for some light movie rather than the darker movies Emma Roberts is getting into. Just IMO.

Some Common Misjudgments on Chinese to Western Relationships

Well here's been some common misjudgments of Chinese to Western relationships:
It's all but a one night stand or a fling. Sometimes we tend to ignore that some Chinese-Western couples truly and deeply care for each other and not just something to brag about regardless who's Chinese between the two.An escape from China to America or any Western country. It can happen yes but not all the time.
For some Western women, it's because she was not hot enough so she got a Chinese guy instead.For some Western men, they're just bored with white so they go for yellow. Then again, some Chinese girls are really hot and so are some Chinese men.