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Rhian Ramos Howell in Red... RED HOT!

To be honest, this photo makes me want to get her.  Well, at least somebody who resembles her.  Ha.  Well, I've been caught red-handed staring at this.  So gorgeous and red hot.

Just Some Adorable Toy Dogs

Not having so much time or patience to raise many dogs at once, hmmm... this seems to be an alternative.  At least I don't have to feed them, bathe them or even clean up the house with the mess they make.  Hmmm... and well I'd buy these pups over a robot pup any day.  They're just so cute without the headaches.

Some Women Are So Hot You'd Think Negatively About Them

Here's one fact you can't deny- if beauty can deceive people by hiding evil, it can also deceive people by hiding the good in them.  In fact, I've met some girls because of their beauty it's so easy to label them to be a slut.  Besides, in some films, the villains are just so hot (ex. Poison Ivy in Batman is the hottest villain around) can give a negative impression of being a seductress.  True pretty people who are rotten exist and again, so do ugly people who are rotten exist.  It's all on the inside not the outside that makes people evil.  In fact, those material girls I courted are all not pretty, not that sexy but they're as self-obsessed as every other person trapped in their vanity.

It's Series of Contradictions... Here's Some!

Here's some ways I consider myself contradictory:

I want to date a hot Caucasian girl yet... 
I still have a strong attachment to Japanese and Chinese stuff.  Hmmm... funny isn't it?
And another thing that can't be denied is that I'm still attracted to hot Chinese/Japanese girls too.  As said, not every white girl is hot.
And another, I'm just so attracted to a girl who's not really hot but she's kinda cute.  I remembered pestering her for three years, later befriending her (stupid girl really) or more yet...

When I met a REALLY hot girl later, I couldn't even do anything bad to her.  Instead, I end up treating her like every other normal person.  I have to admit that attitude-wise, she reminded me of the silly girl above.  Her beauty hid the silliness and kindness in her- she looked pretty antagonistic herself!

Rejections May Mean Better Success in the Lovelife

I began to give thoughts of me courting material girls and being rejected in the past.  So in reality, it wasn't a failure, more of a success.  Why?  Well, if I did win her, it would be like winning a tournament by cheating thus facing the judgment of higher authorities than the lower ones.  My entire life has been focused on the fact that some crazy material girls were immature infatuations that had a lot to hide underneath.  Imagine a lifestyle of having a lot of trips, accessories, etc.  Hmmm that I can't afford to do that.  It's not just one but four if I can count them- and funny how they're all not pretty. :-P  Talk about the incredible irony of things!  Hmmm... I do find it ironic that somebody with simple standards like I am would chase after such stupidity in life.  
Now those rejections by material girls may be leading to...
I just pretty gave much thought how some pretty girls can be modest and simpler in contrast to how they look.  They look expensive, yeah b…