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Satirical News: Tindig Pilipinas Acquires New SMARTMATIC Software Called Spreadsh*t

Antonio Trollanes IV won't give up without a fight. He has joined forces with political rivals such as presidential candidate Jejemon Binay and his rival for the vice presidency Leni Loud Robredo. As Tindig Pilipinas seeks to overthrow President Rodrigo Duterte a new software is introduced. It is said to be faster and more reliable than Microsoft Excel. It is developed by Smartmatic and it is called Spreadsh*t.

"I hope that this new software called Spreadsh*t will work. It will help you filter fake news, fake figures and they are as reliable as PCOS machines. Both me and Vice President Leni Robredo will be using this new software to #fightdisinformation. We will also have this new software installed at the Commission on Human Rights' headquarters so Cheato Gascon can use it to defend our democracy." said Trollanes in an interview.

What was revealed was that both Spreadsh*t and PCOS Machines have the same programmers. Marbobo Roxas soon said, "With Spreadsh*t I …

Gracie Dzienny Picture For September 29, 2017

I have to admit this shot feels like an 80s picture in some way... =P

Rhian Ramos Howell Pictures For September 25, 2017

She's naturally pretty.
Okay, is that some barbeque she's eating?

Satirical News: Nobita Aquino And Friends Are Now Tide Detergent Endorsers

At the latest event of September 21, 2017 which they called as the "National Death of Democracy", their attempts to prove that the Philippines is now a dictatorship failed. However, Proctor and Gamble Philippines' president Jim Lafferty was impressed by their white clothes decided to make them models for Tide.

Lafferty explained, "Although their attempts to topple down President Duterte were pathetic but their dedication was admirable. They wore really white clothes and I could see how white their clothes are. Because they are no longer relevant as politicians so I offer them a new job. They can all be endorsers for Tide Detergent."

A new commercial will be shot featuring Nobita and his friends. Not all members of this new commercial are from LP. Others will include Jejemon Bitay of United Nationalist Alliance, Gary Alejano of Samahang Magtalo and Antonio Trollanes IV of the Not A Democrat I'm Nacionalista Party.

Stay tuned for further developments.

My Thoughts On Toys R Us Filing For Bankruptcy Protection

What can be disheartening is when your childhood memories go away doesn't it? I remembered getting toys from Toys R Us on the Holiday Season during the 90s. I thought about how interest can switch from toys to video games in one easy step. I felt it myself especially when I saw some children look forward to the coolest video game than the coolest toy around.

I decided to read NBC News where it reveals something about what could have gone wrong. Video games are now the latest competitor. I remembered how my childhood went from the toy store to the video game store. It was still old school gaming when loading times were pretty slow. It wasn't the glorious time of DVD technology in video games for that time.

The digital age vs. physical toys?

Here's an interesting excerpt that I think I could use to analyze the situation:

Toys Swiped to the Side
"They got stuck in 1985," Robyn O'Bryan, an author based in Boulder, Colorado and the mother of four children, told NBC …

I Suddenly Remember Mars Attacks This Year While Watching Some New School Tokusatsu

As I was watching Kyuranger and Kamen Rider Build (and yes, Build took some strange device from MARS which reminds me of the 90s game Doom which I wasn't a fan of) I'm reminded of Mars Attack. Some of you might say that Kyuranger is more of Star Wars and Star Trek or whatever. But why in the world did Mars Attack come to my mind? I know it's been back to my late elementary days and I freaking need to rewatch the movie to recall every single detail but there's some that remain in my memory.
If anyone and I mean anyone should get the blame from the new school series, it's Kyuranger's Don Armage. As if Kyuranger can't stop having references to a lot of stuff that 90s children may be familiar with like Star Wars. Maybe Toei wants to make fun of sci-fi movies that are getting rebooted. While I thought Don Armage would like like Emperor Palpatine's deformed form but he looks worse. He looks like a beefed up martian from the movie Mars Attack. I think only if…

Amy Jo Johnson Picture For September 13, 2017

Was this episode from the Island of Illusion? Anyway, it's too good not to post. =P

Did I Already Let Go Of My Painful Teenage Courtship?

It's already 2017 but part of me still can't forget that painful courtship where I made a fool out of myself. I could remember how I actually started pursuing her even more during the -ber months of that same year. All I thought was her (or was it) because I felt like I truly loved her and wanted her even when actions said otherwise. When I was near her and she was 14 and I was 16, I could only tell her, "Hate me all you want but that will make me want you more! I will just pursue you until you're mine." This led to my rivalry with a classmate of mine who also had a crush on her.

My thoughts on her was that we were practically worlds apart, no even galaxies apart. I thought about how she was doing well in school and I wasn't. I was always having problems with my grades and she was a pretty smart girl. I thought about how I wanted her. I thought I wanted her and started to get serious when we were freaking teenagers. I told her that she would be mine no matte…

Amy Jo Johnson In "The Eddie Files"

She's a real doll isn't she? I thought how leaving Power Rangers was actually beneficial to her career than sticking with Cake Boss' lack of ethics in doing business. Yup, it's a better life for her than getting wasted on a character who led me to dislike the franchise. 

I Read Through Thems' Fightin' Words Every Now And Then

Perhaps and perhaps one of the few blogs that I like reading is Them's Fightin' Words by Shogo B'Stard. I thought about what this guy was thinking and that there are some parts to where I agree with him and others that I don't.

Friendly disagreements with this guy 

I thought about some areas where me and Shogo disagree. I like certain shows that he doesn't like which I'd name are Kamen Rider Black RX, Ohranger, Timeranger, Hurricanger and Boukenger. While Black RX is not as good as Black (and I'm aware how it ended the Showa era of Kamen Rider which IMO wasn't really that big of a deal) but I thought it was still enjoyable. Nope, I can't agree with Ferbus > Joe No Haze. Ferbus in that stupid Mashed Rider show does almost nothing while Joe No Haze helps out. I would't even say Ohranger is that bad - sure it did suffer from swings and overdose of Bandai toys (to make up for low ratings) but I'd pick it up over that overrated Power Rangers Z…