Satirical News: Tindig Pilipinas Acquires New SMARTMATIC Software Called Spreadsh*t

Antonio Trollanes IV won't give up without a fight. He has joined forces with political rivals such as presidential candidate Jejemon Binay and his rival for the vice presidency Leni Loud Robredo. As Tindig Pilipinas seeks to overthrow President Rodrigo Duterte a new software is introduced. It is said to be faster and more reliable than Microsoft Excel. It is developed by Smartmatic and it is called Spreadsh*t.

"I hope that this new software called Spreadsh*t will work. It will help you filter fake news, fake figures and they are as reliable as PCOS machines. Both me and Vice President Leni Robredo will be using this new software to #fightdisinformation. We will also have this new software installed at the Commission on Human Rights' headquarters so Cheato Gascon can use it to defend our democracy." said Trollanes in an interview.

What was revealed was that both Spreadsh*t and PCOS Machines have the same programmers. Marbobo Roxas soon said, "With Spreadsh*t I could use it to prove that I am the real president of the Philippines and my electoral protest will work."

Kris Aquino expressed her sigh of relief as she said she may not want to enter the political arena just yet. She said, "I'm just a backup to save the Philippins. But with this new software called Spreadsh*t we will be able to install Marbobo Roxas as the rightful president. But if all else fails I will run for Senator and President to save the already dying country as the new mother of democracy."

Stay tuned for further developments.