I Read Through Thems' Fightin' Words Every Now And Then

Them's Fightin' Words
Perhaps and perhaps one of the few blogs that I like reading is Them's Fightin' Words by Shogo B'Stard. I thought about what this guy was thinking and that there are some parts to where I agree with him and others that I don't.

Friendly disagreements with this guy 

I thought about some areas where me and Shogo disagree. I like certain shows that he doesn't like which I'd name are Kamen Rider Black RX, Ohranger, Timeranger, Hurricanger and Boukenger. While Black RX is not as good as Black (and I'm aware how it ended the Showa era of Kamen Rider which IMO wasn't really that big of a deal) but I thought it was still enjoyable. Nope, I can't agree with Ferbus > Joe No Haze. Ferbus in that stupid Mashed Rider show does almost nothing while Joe No Haze helps out. I would't even say Ohranger is that bad - sure it did suffer from swings and overdose of Bandai toys (to make up for low ratings) but I'd pick it up over that overrated Power Rangers Zeo. I don't see how Bulk and Skull as defective detectives is better than the most unfortunate family in Japan. Oh I still can't forget that stupid Dear John letter in Zeo... that alone was another stepping stone to Power Rangers shooting itself at the foot too many times.

I thought about perhaps the number one disagreement me and Shogo have is with Timeranger. I'm personally a fan of Timeranger. I don't think I can compare it to Time Force that much. While I could agree with a few things he said about Time Force (specifically on what he said about Wes and Jen in some way, anyway) but I can't agree with him on Ransik is an improved Dr. Giba. Dr. Giba was a terrifying foe. Ransik though he's a badass villain was portrayed as a hammy villain. Granted, Time Force isn't mean tot be all that serious so it makes sense to make Ransik a hammy villain. Though I thought about it that Timeranger's twist and turns are good. While I do like Timeranger but I still don't think it's all that much an instant classic. Maybe I like Timeranger because I'm quite a fan of moody melodramas and I tend to watch new school moody melodramas from either South Korea or Taiwan when I'm on a short break from Tokusatsu.

Maybe I pre-judged Kyoryuger a few years based on his opinions. Then I checked out Kyoryuger and while I could agree that there's the problem of being "too loud" but Daigo Kiryu while the show tends to focus on him... the character isn't really as bad as he thinks. But I thought giving the show a chance is the only way I could think for myself. On the other hand, I thought I had fun reading his blog even if I disagree with him on some areas. I guess it's an age difference or preferential difference. I guess a lot of people know I tend to prefer Super Sentai over Power Rangers, most old school Super Sentai over most new school Super Sentai and new school Kamen Rider over old school Kamen Rider (and I'm not too fond of the Showa era either).

So I thought about some things he said which were too minor and no, I think Radiguet's actor Daisuke Tachi carries his part pretty well. I thought Ryuji Sainei did fine in Dekaranger. So I shouldn't let his views make me pre-judge something. Oh, I should also think about how I still prefer Geki over Jason anyway though everyone knows I've got a heel-face turn between Zyuranger/MMPR in a way where I contradict myself.

Where I tend to agree with this guy

Just because I disagree with someone doesn't mean I always fully disagree with someone. It's like how I could disagree with people's nonsense but certain people still make sense.  So where do I agree with him?

I thought about his post on Kamen Rider Agito as a sprawling, ambitious tapestry. Yup, I actually could agree with that one with how the show was an ambitious project. It wasn't your typical Kamen Rider and the Lords weren't your typical villains. The Lords were only after maintaining the balance of humanity all the while. The show did have a weaker finale and yes I agree with him on Toshiki Inoue's finales. The finale of Kamen Rider Hibiki was his worst. Jetman was a good show but the finale involving Gai Yuki was definitely not a good way to kill off a good character. I have no problem with Gai Yuki dying but dang he should have died in the final battle with Radiguet instead. I haven't seen Changerion though to judge it. I thought also that Kamen Rider Faiz's finale was pretty weak. Though I wonder why he hasn't talked about Yasuko Kobayashi's finales which I think tend to be a bad mix for most of the time.

He had some posts on Kamen Rider Black - perhaps the only Showa era Kamen Rider show that I grew attached to aside from its inferior sequel Black RX. I could agree with him on stuff like Shadow Moon's poor character development, how Black RX tends to deviate too much from Black, how Bilgenia is the Scott Evil of Gorgom... those are stuff I could agree with him. I thought about it that Bilgenia should have stayed to add to the conflict. I mean, he was after a King Stone and having a troll like him in the show would have been interesting like him planning to get rid of Shadow Moon or how the finale could have been better with that guy. Sigh... I wonder why Jun Yoshida left?

Not to mention, we both like Kimberly over Mei though I like both characters more at different angles. I could agree with Shogo that Amy Jo Johnson is the better actress than Reiko Chiba. But there's one thing I could mention: character-wise I still prefer Mei over Kimberly. Mei's more determined as a fighter but then she's a warrior princess and the Zyurangers are warriors. Kimberly may be hotter than Mei but I feel like she doesn't stand out too much as a fighter considering her status as a teenager. It's comparing apples and oranges. I think both characters have their own fair share of fanboys. Though speaking of Mei I still think her "lookalike" Erina Nakayama has gotten prettier than the 90s deal. Know what I mean? Hehehehehe.


Whether I agree or disagree with this guy it's been fun reading through him and having friendly debate. So I hope I can have another friendly debate with this guy on his blog.