I Suddenly Remember Mars Attacks This Year While Watching Some New School Tokusatsu

As I was watching Kyuranger and Kamen Rider Build (and yes, Build took some strange device from MARS which reminds me of the 90s game Doom which I wasn't a fan of) I'm reminded of Mars Attack. Some of you might say that Kyuranger is more of Star Wars and Star Trek or whatever. But why in the world did Mars Attack come to my mind? I know it's been back to my late elementary days and I freaking need to rewatch the movie to recall every single detail but there's some that remain in my memory.

If anyone and I mean anyone should get the blame from the new school series, it's Kyuranger's Don Armage. As if Kyuranger can't stop having references to a lot of stuff that 90s children may be familiar with like Star Wars. Maybe Toei wants to make fun of sci-fi movies that are getting rebooted. While I thought Don Armage would like like Emperor Palpatine's deformed form but he looks worse. He looks like a beefed up martian from the movie Mars Attack. I think only if this guy led the invasion in Mars Attack, 

The movie itself was filled with some unusual humor. I can't forget the scene where scenes like human head transplants were done or how someone's head can still live. It's a crazy comedy where the Martians do the absurd. Oh, should I mention the "We come in peace." scene was really an obvious sham. They do massive invasion though the carnage is questionable. I guess it's because it's a comedy that's why the movie ended up that way.

I still remember the crazy finale. I mean how can playing "Indian Love Song" be the reason why the whole invasion was stopped? I did feel the nervousness of in the scene when Richie was trying to rescue his grandmother Florence. It's a shame really how Billy dies in a Looney Tunes' way. All it took was some crazy music and those aliens explode. I wonder if the Kyurangers could defeat Don Armage by playing centuries old music to defeat his empire?