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Satirical News: Etta Rosales Says Scolding People For Being Late Is A Violation Of Human Rights!

Etta Rosales makes her defense on Filipino time as perfectly non-offensive

A viral video on Youtube as well as other social networks had spread as of late. It involved a foreigner scolding a Failipino employee who got scolded for his habitual tardiness by his foreigner boss. Both the Failipino employee and the boss are yet to be identified. The video is below:

This was the viral video that made it to the Internet. It caught the eyes of Etta Rosales who silently abandoned her post as Konsomisyoner at the Commission of Human Rights. After she said that Rodrigo Duterte would bring Philippines back to martial law, she finally stated that foreign investors should respect Filipino time or be deemed as Communist infiltrators.
"We are in the Philippines and Filipino time is to be respected. There is nothing wrong with being one hour late. I am upset to hear how many Filipinos get kicked out of their work places abroad because of people who don't value democracy by firing them for the…

Satirical Essay: The Philippines' Future Is So Bright, An Economics Essay By Blob Blabbersky

Blogger's note: This is just my PIECE OF WRITING and Blob Blabbersky is just a fictitious character I cooked up, based on some Murican who is getting my nerves... expect a long essay of nonsense and tell me what you think and how stupid my essay is.. since I am pretending to be as stupid as him!.

So I am here seeing the Philippines has a bright future, got to wear shades... it's so bright!

Wow you people at Get Real Philippines and Anti-FLIPFAG never see how blessed you are with the problems you keep complaining. Allow me to enlighten you about the foolishness of your thoughts, you never realize how blessed you are a country. Your country has a very bright future compared to America the source of all evil, Singapore the mother of tyranny and other nations. You are indeed the light of the world as Kit Tatad says and let me tell you why.

Protectionism is good... you don't realize how protectionism helped the economy prosper. You businessmen should be blessed because you wil…


Oh boy, some issues don't die do they?  After knowing about Mortal Kombat X's delayed release for the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 (which I can understand due to development reasons and I can wait, it's a want and not a need) and I know I freaking pre-ordered for the game, some Playstation 4 and XBox One owners are already picking on the previous generation owners just because... well for the heck of it.

Wow it reminds me of how as a child, I nearly made a foolish decision to get myself a Super Nintendo, something I NEVER had.  The Super Nintendo was a 16 bit version of the original Nintendo and well, I was simply stuck with an 8-bit system for some time and I had a Playstation One later in life.  I just thought about how I wanted to "stand up" to those "cool kids" who were pampered and doted by their parents.  Man, it reminds me of the FOOLISHNESS of being jealous of such people or how dangerous jealousy can be to its receiver.

So what's the big dea…

Victoria Justice Pictuers For May 26, 2015

Well here's my favorite Nickelodeon girl, Victoria Justice which reminds me of my old fling back then...
It's time for her fitness tea...

She's sweeter than that strawberry...

So Mortal Kombat X For PS3/XBox 360 Is Delayed Again?!

Well after the trolls that Ed Boon had decided to cancel them, but here's the news.  It's merely delayed and I believe there is a good reason.  
One, Mortal Kombat X was originally designed for the PS4/XBox One like the game Injustice Gods Among Us had BOTH PS4 and PS3.  You might consider how the graphics have be scaled down and there was also a delay... so it's expected.  However Ed Boon seems to give some compensation which I hope includes Goro will be readily playable though I could care less about the other DLC, I just want Goro for DLC for now.
So what's my thoughts?  The picture above should tell you my thoughts!  Be patient!

Beating The Heat With A 7/11 Slurpee!

I'm just glad with the popping of 7/11 stores aside from other stores like Ministop where I can get a quick chill.  7/11 itself has the Slurpee that while drinking cold clean water is healthier, however a slurpee in moderation is a fun way to chill out.  It's a semi-frozen drink that should at least help cool down the body during the summer heat.
A slurpee has some flavors you can choose from depending on the 7/11 branch.  My current favorite is none the grape flavored one though I can also choose strawberry and other flavors.  Personally, I don't like the apple flavored or pina colada ones compared to my favorite flavors.
What makes this a fun blast is that it's pretty affordable with the biggest size costing around PHP 40.00 if you want the biggest serving.  Considering it's really super hot, this would be one chill way to chill down.  However, with all the hot weather raising its demand, don't expect that the slurpee will always be there either.  Hehehehehe…

Satirical News: Kris Aquino Requests President Nobita To Declare Persona Non-Grata On Asia's Got Talent Judges!

Kris Aquino cried as she saw Gerphil Flores getting praised on Asia's Got Talent!

Kris Aquino had formally passed a request to her older brother President Nobita Aquino that she wants to have the judges of Asia's Got Talent to receive a persona non-grata.  The judges for Asia's Got Talent are namely Vanness Wu, David Foster, Anggun Cipta Sasmi and Melanie Jayne Chrisholm were the ones who praised Gerphil Flores for her talented performance as an outstanding one.

This clip from Asia's Got Talent did not easily slip through Kris Aquino's eyes.  She felt that she was greatly wronged by the show.  It was at this event that the judges praised Gerphil Flores for her outstanding talent as they were touched by her performance.  David Foster had signed a contract with Gerphil Flores calling her an outstanding musician.  The event pissed Kris Aquino off and she decided to process a request that will ban the four judges from ever stepping into the Philippines.

"This is n…

Pino Restaurant in Cebu City, A Great Place For Tourists!

Pino Restaurant in Cebu City in Salinas is an example of a restaurant that sought to improve.  Before, it wasn't all that special a few years ago but rather than have their "Pwede Na Yan" mentality, it decided to improve overtime.  It closed down for awhile to seek improvement creating another must-try, tourist spot which gives off another slap on the face of Failipino mediocrity bringing quality Pinoy food. 
Be prepared to be greeted by more than just ambiance.  Pino's new management makes you pay not just ambiance but for...

Satirical News: Senator Bongbong Macoy Passes Bill To Rename "National Center For Mental Health" To "Nobita Aquino Memorial Hospital For Mental Health"!

Senator Bongbong passed these flyers around just today!
President Nobita Aquino's longtime archenemy Bongbong Marcos had decided to launch his latest campaign.  After he was angry with the idea of NLEX's renaming into the "Corazon C. Aquino Expressway", he had passed a new bill to rename the "National Center For Mental Health" in Mandaluyong into the "Nobita Aquino Memorial Hospital For Mental Health".  
During an interview, Senator Bongbong said, "I really still hate the Aquinos.  Come on, if my father wasn't overthrown, we would have been the next Singapore.  The Philippines is a rathole no thanks to President Nobita's mother and the Marcos years were the best years.  The NLEX should have been named after my father, the very president who gave you the best years of your life.  What a bunch of ingrates.  As revenge, I want to pass this law to prove that Nobita Aquino is mentally ill and not fit for office!  I would suspect he's s…

Kimberly vs. Chisato: It's Pink vs. Yellow!

Well what if we contended Kimberly vs. Chisato?  I simply didn't feel like pitting Kimberly against Ashley but rather, made the challenge harder with Chisato.  So what's my opinion?

It's no secret I find Kimberly to be hotter than any Super Sentai/Power Rangers girl for her decade and I find her appearance to be unique.  However I thought somebody in Megaranger is a worthy contender.  I don't know if I'll write an entry on Kimbery vs. Rin but for now, it's Chisato vs. her.

Well Chisato herself seems matchless at the same time.  Like Kimberly, she's pretty sweet but can throw a sarcastic or witty comment.  She's also fashionable, loves children and she can sing.  In terms of appearance, I think she is also very pretty.  If there's anything that may cloud my judgment is... Chisato was wearing a bikini in a summer episode of Megaranger which is really huge fanservice.  That episode made me wish Kimberly appeared that sexy in MMPR.

For bias, I think I p…

Between Kimberly and Mako: It's A Blazing Match!

While Mr. Smith picks Jasmine and I have these two choices for the title of "Hotter Than Any Sentai/PR Girl", I personally thought that this is where I can't pick a definite winner.

My first choice is Kimberly due to my well, extreme favoritism then again, my extreme favoritism for Mako is too acknowledged.  For Kimberly, I could name a few areas where she's at a disadvantage against Mako (in terms of appearances) namely her height (she's only 5'2) and that she's not that sexy (but she is still sexy).

Mako is the other choice also cornered on extreme favoritism.  Face-wise, I think Kimberly is slightly prettier than Mako (but I tend to think otherwise at times).  If there's any assets where Mako has over Kimberly it's that she's taller by three inches and that she has better sex appeal.  Maybe I could also add that Mako is usually shown with longer hair while Kimberly is usually shown with shorter hair.  So I'd pick Mako for the overall ap…

I Just Pre-Ordered Mortal Kombat X For The PS3 A Week Ago!

So much for my so-called butthurt, I finally pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X with a downpayment of PHP 1,000.00 which for me, is much more worth than any live concert which I can afford.  So the date is next month on June 2, 2015 so maybe, it's good I didn't get a PS4 yet even if I can afford (I don't want to be spendthrift).  Meanwhile here's what I am thinking...

Pre-ordering means you get to play as the legendary Goro for free and a metal casing at the same time.  So what order bonuses do I get?  Maybe I'm not getting a shirt or a figurine (I don't really care unless it's Liu Kang so I hate Deadly Alliance for not including him), but I can get some freebie downloads.  Playing as a depowered Goro would be fun so I wonder why did Netherrealm decide to make him more of a DLC than a sub-boss you can unlock by normal means?  I still wonder what the reason behind it is... but I'd love to kick ass as Goro anytime soon.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of trying out En…