Satirical News: Senator Bongbong Macoy Passes Bill To Rename "National Center For Mental Health" To "Nobita Aquino Memorial Hospital For Mental Health"!

Senator Bongbong passed these flyers around just today!

President Nobita Aquino's longtime archenemy Bongbong Marcos had decided to launch his latest campaign.  After he was angry with the idea of NLEX's renaming into the "Corazon C. Aquino Expressway", he had passed a new bill to rename the "National Center For Mental Health" in Mandaluyong into the "Nobita Aquino Memorial Hospital For Mental Health".  

During an interview, Senator Bongbong said, "I really still hate the Aquinos.  Come on, if my father wasn't overthrown, we would have been the next Singapore.  The Philippines is a rathole no thanks to President Nobita's mother and the Marcos years were the best years.  The NLEX should have been named after my father, the very president who gave you the best years of your life.  What a bunch of ingrates.  As revenge, I want to pass this law to prove that Nobita Aquino is mentally ill and not fit for office!  I would suspect he's smoking marijuana and not tobacco because he even hallucinates that his late father talks to him.  Oh boy, until now he still blames my late father for his late father's death!"

After the bill was proposed, President Nobita angrily replied, "Hey Bongbong we have nothing in common!  Kris is our youngest, Imee is your eldest.  You are junior, I am the third.  My mother restored democracy so the highway should be named after her.  My parents deserve all the greatness they have especially they restored democracy from your late father you idiot!"

Senator Bongbong is yet to reply to President Nobita.  Details for the passing of the new bill is yet to be seen.