Pino Restaurant in Cebu City, A Great Place For Tourists!

Pino Restaurant in Cebu City in Salinas is an example of a restaurant that sought to improve.  Before, it wasn't all that special a few years ago but rather than have their "Pwede Na Yan" mentality, it decided to improve overtime.  It closed down for awhile to seek improvement creating another must-try, tourist spot which gives off another slap on the face of Failipino mediocrity bringing quality Pinoy food. 

Be prepared to be greeted by more than just ambiance.  Pino's new management makes you pay not just ambiance but for...

You really get quality Filipino food.  That's right.  No butthurts like, "I'd rather go hungry than eat Filipino food again."  Based on my dinner yesterday, it was filled with tourists the other day.  It was hard to find a seat because it was filled with tourists!

You can also have all the tasty Pinoy desserts.

Based on the two times I went here, at first it was still struggling but it gave its best.  It didn't give in to "Pwede Na Yan" but instead, it defeated mediocrity and became a better place to enjoy quality Pinoy food.  It might get a little bit traffic but... it's much less traffic than Imperial Manila in Cebu City.