Beating The Heat With A 7/11 Slurpee!

I'm just glad with the popping of 7/11 stores aside from other stores like Ministop where I can get a quick chill.  7/11 itself has the Slurpee that while drinking cold clean water is healthier, however a slurpee in moderation is a fun way to chill out.  It's a semi-frozen drink that should at least help cool down the body during the summer heat.

A slurpee has some flavors you can choose from depending on the 7/11 branch.  My current favorite is none the grape flavored one though I can also choose strawberry and other flavors.  Personally, I don't like the apple flavored or pina colada ones compared to my favorite flavors.

What makes this a fun blast is that it's pretty affordable with the biggest size costing around PHP 40.00 if you want the biggest serving.  Considering it's really super hot, this would be one chill way to chill down.  However, with all the hot weather raising its demand, don't expect that the slurpee will always be there either.  Hehehehehe!