Between Kimberly and Mako: It's A Blazing Match!

While Mr. Smith picks Jasmine and I have these two choices for the title of "Hotter Than Any Sentai/PR Girl", I personally thought that this is where I can't pick a definite winner.

My first choice is Kimberly due to my well, extreme favoritism then again, my extreme favoritism for Mako is too acknowledged.  For Kimberly, I could name a few areas where she's at a disadvantage against Mako (in terms of appearances) namely her height (she's only 5'2) and that she's not that sexy (but she is still sexy).

Mako is the other choice also cornered on extreme favoritism.  Face-wise, I think Kimberly is slightly prettier than Mako (but I tend to think otherwise at times).  If there's any assets where Mako has over Kimberly it's that she's taller by three inches and that she has better sex appeal.  Maybe I could also add that Mako is usually shown with longer hair while Kimberly is usually shown with shorter hair.  So I'd pick Mako for the overall appeal.