Satirical News: Etta Rosales Says Scolding People For Being Late Is A Violation Of Human Rights!

Etta Rosales makes her defense on Filipino time as perfectly non-offensive

A viral video on Youtube as well as other social networks had spread as of late. It involved a foreigner scolding a Failipino employee who got scolded for his habitual tardiness by his foreigner boss. Both the Failipino employee and the boss are yet to be identified. The video is below:

This was the viral video that made it to the Internet. It caught the eyes of Etta Rosales who silently abandoned her post as Konsomisyoner at the Commission of Human Rights. After she said that Rodrigo Duterte would bring Philippines back to martial law, she finally stated that foreign investors should respect Filipino time or be deemed as Communist infiltrators.

"We are in the Philippines and Filipino time is to be respected. There is nothing wrong with being one hour late. I am upset to hear how many Filipinos get kicked out of their work places abroad because of people who don't value democracy by firing them for their habitual tardiness. My goodness, I thought we are a democracy. What that foreigner did is an act of Communism, he must be a Communist infiltrator because democracy respects Filipino time and valuing punctuality is an act of Communism. I believe if we allow 60/40 to run forever, we will have less incidents like that." she said in an interview.