Kimberly vs. Chisato: It's Pink vs. Yellow!

Well what if we contended Kimberly vs. Chisato?  I simply didn't feel like pitting Kimberly against Ashley but rather, made the challenge harder with Chisato.  So what's my opinion?

It's no secret I find Kimberly to be hotter than any Super Sentai/Power Rangers girl for her decade and I find her appearance to be unique.  However I thought somebody in Megaranger is a worthy contender.  I don't know if I'll write an entry on Kimbery vs. Rin but for now, it's Chisato vs. her.

Well Chisato herself seems matchless at the same time.  Like Kimberly, she's pretty sweet but can throw a sarcastic or witty comment.  She's also fashionable, loves children and she can sing.  In terms of appearance, I think she is also very pretty.  If there's anything that may cloud my judgment is... Chisato was wearing a bikini in a summer episode of Megaranger which is really huge fanservice.  That episode made me wish Kimberly appeared that sexy in MMPR.

For bias, I think I pick Kimberly still but Chisato's a worthy contender. =P