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Naniwa Bushi Jinsei Wa: It's A Sad Japanese Song But It Has A Catchy Tune

Here's a popular Japanese song called "Naniwa Bushi Jinsei Wa" which can be translated as "Life is but a long sob story." The Naniwa Bushi is a sob story. What I find so funny is that as sad as this song is supposed to be about the sad life of a woman but it's a catchy song. 
The translation of the lyrics goes as follows:
When I was told to drink up I meekly obeyed Beginning to feel that way when an arm curled my shoulder Foolish encounters are cleverly disguised as something promising I should give up but once again it's love at first sight The life of a woman is nothing but a sob story
I'm kindly and gently told lies by another The love in my heart is found by them as well Just toyed around by that same person A woman with her hopes extinguished is alone once more The life of a woman is nothing but a sob story
Blooming, withering, being thrown away Meeting, parting, losing all hope While at the mercy of another's fickle's affections Feeling just trampl…

Rhian Ramos Howell Pictures For August 29, 2017

I love that cake.
That's a lot of Pinoy delicacies there.

Which one should she eat first?

Hmmm even I am confused which should I try first.

When My Childhood Gets Ruined By The Same Entertainment Companies That Gave It To Me

It's 2017 and there's some new school stuff worth checking out (ex. Kyuranger, Kamen Rider Build, Kamen Rider EX-AID, some new school K-Drama) and those that aren't worth checking out. There's the saying that change either makes things better or make things worse. I thought about how my childhood is ruined by the present by some companies that gave me my childhood. It's time to think about how change is a double-edged sword and that with great power comes great responsibility.

Disney Studios 

I could talk about Disney and how it ruined my childhood one way or another. I enjoyed Star Wars and Marvel Comics. I could talk about how Disney bought Power Rangers and ruined it then Neo-Saban ruined it even further no thanks to Nickelodeon. Marvel Comics is now ruining the childhood of many by a lot of bad plot materials like killing the Cyclops/Jean Grey tandem, Cyclops turning from hero to obnoxious hater as well as throwing Magneto's paternity of the Maximoff twins …

I'm Still Into American Culture

I could remember how often I flip-flop with what I think about American culture. I could go from anti-American in one minute then I could become an American bootlicker in another minute. So I thought that most of the shows I watch today are either Japanese (where I tend to overrate it), Chinese or South Korean but I don't think I could get rid of American culture from my system.

No matter how many times I try to go full-American I always find myself in the stupid situation of those idiotic anti-American rallyists. I could remember how often I badmouthed the U.S. all the while I still ate at American-owned establishments or watched American TV shows. The more I saw through that stupidity the more I saw I can't just get rid of American culture from my system. I could get rid of American junk all I care but not American culture. I'm still into English and I can never have that idiocy of "Ayoko ng Ingles." or "I hate English." mentality like those idiotic p…

Amy Jo Johnson Picture For August 22, 2017

She's almost fifty but she's really still pretty in this picture! 

Satirical News: Senate 6 File New Bill To Rename NAIA To Noynoy Aquino International Airport

It was the day to celebrate #PNoyPride. To further strengthen the memory of the late Ninoy Aquino they decided to file a new bill. This bill as drafted by Franklin Drilon, Risa Hontivirus, Leila Dilemma (who wrote it on pad paper while in Camp Crame), Bum Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan and Antonio Trollanes called it the "Noynoy Aquino International Airport" bill. The new bill proposes that it is time to change Ninoy in NAIA to Noynoy.

"It should be an honor that every August 21 should be celebrated as Ninoy Aquino day. It is the celebration of PNoy Pride. Therefore, we have drafted a bill that will rightfully name the NAIA from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Noynoy Aquino International Airport. This will be a new move to protect democracy." said Bum in an interview.

Leila Dilemma who is still in jail said she had the courage to draft the bill on pad paper. She had not only expressed her hatred for President Duterte and called herself a "prisoner of conscience…

I Think Power Rangers Hotties And Korean Hotties Are Like Beautiful Rare Diamonds

I don't deny I tend to overrate Japan. I tend to think Super Sentai is better than Power Rangers for the dumbest reasons. One dumb reason I tend to bash Ninja Steel is because of the Ninninger girls never I can dislike both. If I can like both Korean and Japanese then why can't I dislike two sides of an "opposition"? Then I thought about these "rare diamonds" you can find with Power Rangers girls and Korean girls. So what are examples of these rare diamonds?

Power Rangers girls hotter than their Super Sentai counterparts

Okay it's no secret I still regret why did I even bother to watch Megafailed for eye candy when I could have been watching other new school stuff for better reasons?! What I can't deny that there's such a thing as rare diamonds in Power Rangers. Who are my list of rare diamonds? While some may find Kira hotter than Ranru (and my stance on this flips a lot and I mean a lot) but some Power Rangers girls are hotter (but not necessar…

Satirical News: GMA-7 Plans To Air Kamen Rider Drive Dubbed By Tsuperhero Cast

GMA-7 just aired Ultraman Ginga last Sunday with the Tagalog dub. Now they are pleased to announce that they will negotiate with Toei Ltd. for the rights to air Kamen Rider Drive. They will use the cast of Tsuperhero to do the voiceover.

Here's the list of the cast to dub the following characters though this is not yet the complete list nor is it final:

Derrick Monsterio as Shinosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive
Bea Binene as Kiriko Shijima
Gabby Concepcion as Jun Hongami
Alma Moreno as Rina Sawagami
Andre Paras as Kyu Saijo
Betong Sumaya as Genpachiro Otta
Benji Paras as Krim Steinbelt
Migs Cuaderno as Gou Shijima

The planned tagline for Tsuperhero is, "Kung may Tsuperhero ang Pilipinas, eto ang Tsuperhero ng Japan." In English it means, "If the Philippines has a Tsuperhero, Japan also has a Tsuperhero."

Stay tuned for further developments.

Satirical News: UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard Confirmed To Have Her Vacation In Tondo, Manila This December 2017

Agnes Callamard makes headlines yet again as she confirms she will have her vacation in Tondo, Manila. She had an interview on CNN where she stated, "I can't wait to visit the beautiful city of Tondo, Manila and I want to experience Filipino hospitality in that place. Filipinos were very hospitable during my diplomatic visit. I want to prove to Rodrigo Duterte that shabu doesn't lead to violence or cause brain damage by having my vacation in Tondo."

It was confirmed that Callamard herself has already booked a ticket for Manila to have her vacation in Tondo, Manila. The trip was confirmed by Marbobo Roxas, Korina Sanchez-Roxas, Cheato Gascon and Etta Rosales who will hold her welcoming party as she arrives in Tondo, Manila. Akbobo Representative Tom Villarin said in an interview with ABiaS-CBN, "The Palace is scared of Agnes Callamard. Even her vacation here will make Duterte tremble in fear."

President Rodrigo R. Duterte commented, "She wants to have …

Satirical News: Toei Announces "Chou Super Hero Taisen: It's A Continuous Disaster" Featuring The Timerangers

While there wasn't a Timeranger 10 Years After Movie but the cast of Timeranger managed to get back together for a reunion movie. This time it's a new Super Hero Taisen movie that will feature the Timerangers as part of the cast. In fact, they will be the main focus of the cast and this will be slightly different than your average Super Hero Taisen movie.

The movie links to the events of Gokaiger's 41st and 42nd episode. Mirai Moriyama is now a 16 year old teenager who has no idea who his father is. Honami is on the case as Japan's medical care is about to go corrupt. The future is plagued by overpriced medical care because of a shift in the timeline. The Timerangers have no choice but to return to the past but there's a couple of surprises. They found out that the villain Risa has been passing bills that gave the future overpriced medical care plus she's exploiting Japanese school children for her selfish reasons. This starts to hurts the past and Domon gets i…

B.S. Man As A Failed Kamen Rider Agito

Kamen Rider Agito was basically a long complex story where the real enemy is fate itself (think Timeranger). The Lords as antagonists were killing people with the Agito seed because it was going to be a threat to humanity itself. But B.S. Man is a different story. Unlike Shouichi/Tetsuya in Agito he is not after the good of humanity or trying to solve the conflict of the Lords and humans. Instead, he gets gifted with the power similar to Agito which he misuses hoping to destroy Universal Karma from punishing his friends and allies.

B.S. Man's mythology takes back to the long, long ago when the three Overlords created humanity. These three Overlords once worked in perfect harmony as the Overlord of Creation, Overlord of Preservation and the Overlord of Destruction - all acted by Rei Haneo who played as the two Overlords in Agito.

Once upon a time, the world was chaos and there were three Overlords all acted by Rei Haneo. One was the Overlord of Creation, the Overlord of Preservati…

The Guilty Pleasure Of Going To A Toy Store As An Adult

I thought about what the adult life is especially whether one's employed or self-employed. It's all about earning some self-earned money and saving them for both needs and wants. Gone are the days of being dependent on adults to get some toys. At the same time a lot of toys that I wanted to have as a child are gone. Why in the world do I even go to a toy store when I'm not buying anything at all for myself?

I go to certain malls and find out certain toy stores that I went to as a child are gone. I see Nova Fontana has been long gone. I go to Toy Kingdom, SM Toy Store and almost every toy store only to find out that the inventory has long been changed. I go to other toy stores only to find out that my generation has been long gone. I just felt like I was asleep for 300 years only to find out everything's changed. Yet there's something special about certain toy stores that still exist. There's still the inner child that yearns to be there in one way or another.

Olivia Jordan Pictures For August 8, 2017

Here's some pictures of the stunning former Miss USA, Olivia Jordan for today.

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Picture For August 7, 2017

So here's top five VR programs huh? Hmmm... 

Satirical News: Rovio Entertainment To Release New Mobile Game Andy Bird: Undress Bautista

Due to the current situation of Andress Bautista and his wife Patricia Paz Bautista a new game was created by Rovio Entertainment. This time a new game called "Andy Bird" will be released and Tagalog will be available as a language setting. The new game would feature Andy Bautista, Leni Loud Robredo, Franklin Drilon, Nobita Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan, Marbobo Roxas, Bum Aquino, Antonio Trollanes, Leila Dilemma and Risa Hontivirus as possible players.
The designers Jaakko Iisalo, Markus Tuppurainen and Peter Urbanics all showed a demonstration of the game. So far, the game is still under development it will be launched on September 21, 2017. So far, a lot of people are anticipating to play this game. The game's plot involves Bautista's hidden wealth which he must defend.

Stay tuned for developments!

Satirical News: Koryolink And ABiaS-CBN Plan To Open "Koryolink, Philippines" In Tondo, Manila

After Digs Dimagiba was "nagiba" he and Jim Paredes have lost their power. The problem soon escalated as Filipinos fighting for economic reforms criticized them for endorsing Samsung when they love protectionism. To prove how "great" protectionism is certain members of the Liberal Party were seen at North Korea to meet Emperor Kim Jung Un. Among those who were spotted with Mar and Jim are Marbobo Roxas, Nobita Aquino, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Raissa Espinosa-Robles and Alan Robles.

A new deal was called "Koryolink Philippines" with the Emperor of North Korea. Digs and Jim both decided to show how protectionism helps the economy by meeting with his highness. Emperor Kim released the papers to do business in the Philippines. Koryolink's first office in the Philippines will be opened in Tondo, Manila. It will have a partnership with ABiaS-CBN in establishing Koryolink. 
"I believe that Koryolink will prove that the 1987 Constitution will defeat Duterte…

Satirical News: Aguirre And Bato Reprimanded For Focusing Too Much On Filipo D. Hippo's Crybaby Attitude

It's been months since the Aguirre vs. Hippo feud and the arrest of Filipo D. Hippo. The situation was unfortunately sensationalized by both Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. and PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa. This did not sit too well with both Senator Panfilo Lacson and Senator Richard Gordon. Both the Justice Secretary and the PNP Chief were rebuked for their lack of discretion Both were rebuked for focusing too much on Hippo's crybaby attitude when there are other problems sinking the nation.
"Why should we focus too much on the CHR Vice Chairman? He's useless and locking him up won't be considered the biggest achievement. He was promoted by impunity loving Gascon. What they should be doing is to clean CHR not focus on a useless youth who is always making stupid statements." said Senator Lacson.
"If anything, there's a lot of problems in the PNP and Bato himself should focus on them. Filipo D. Hippo's arrest is nothing unless we can arre…

I'll Screw That J-Pop VS. K-Pop Internet "Rule" And Enjoy The Best Of Both

I can't help but think if there was Star Wars vs. Star Trek as a divide I guess there's the whole Japanese vs. Korean fan wars. It seems to be the greatest divide where some fans of Japanese entertainment bash Korean entertainment and vice-versa. I would admit I've been guilty of that during the Koreanovela craze. I wanted Korean shows to go away until I grew fond of them to a certain extent.

I wasn't always a fan of Korean shows or its culture. It felt strange to me and I'm a person who tends to have a very fixed, rigid mindset in many instances. Everything changed though for some stupid reasons like when I started tasting Korean food and liking it better than Japanese food. Kimbap was an improved version of sushi and some Korean shows were really that good. I'd like to imagine myself with a Japanese girl while eating Korean food.

Who says Koreans are always inferior? There are times some Korean doppelgangers actually look better (without surgeries) than thei…

Remembering Kiddie Show Friday, Kiddie Show Saturday And Kiddie Show Sunday During The 90s

With the plan to move Super Hero Time to a  9:00 to 10:00 A.M. timeslot in Japan I just want to recall the 90s. Yup, the bittersweet 90s which I thought about Kiddie Show Friday, Kiddie Show Saturday and Kiddie Show Sunday but not every "kiddie show" was much of a kiddie show. Some of them can be very horrible memories (ex. IBC-13's repeated airing of several shows without offering variety) or I felt like my childhood was ruined.

Kiddie Show Fridays during the 90s

Fridays was always an exciting part of me as a child though there were times I got mad whenever we had the Friday TV ban if I didn't do my homework. I thought about how many of my favorites were once shown on Friday evenings on ABiaS-CBN. Some of my favorites would range with Batman: The Animated Series, Saban's Marvel-based cartoons (X-Men Animated Series, the 90s Spiderman cartoon) and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (though I was also watching Baywatch since I had a crush on both Kimberly and Cassi…