When My Childhood Gets Ruined By The Same Entertainment Companies That Gave It To Me

It's 2017 and there's some new school stuff worth checking out (ex. Kyuranger, Kamen Rider Build, Kamen Rider EX-AID, some new school K-Drama) and those that aren't worth checking out. There's the saying that change either makes things better or make things worse. I thought about how my childhood is ruined by the present by some companies that gave me my childhood. It's time to think about how change is a double-edged sword and that with great power comes great responsibility.

Disney Studios 

I could talk about Disney and how it ruined my childhood one way or another. I enjoyed Star Wars and Marvel Comics. I could talk about how Disney bought Power Rangers and ruined it then Neo-Saban ruined it even further no thanks to Nickelodeon. Marvel Comics is now ruining the childhood of many by a lot of bad plot materials like killing the Cyclops/Jean Grey tandem, Cyclops turning from hero to obnoxious hater as well as throwing Magneto's paternity of the Maximoff twins out of the window just make me want to puke. Star Wars' Disney continuity is quite bland. I can't even think the same way of Star Wars anymore. The Force is truly disturbed thanks to Disney.


Nickelodeon is really ruining my childhood. If Disney isn't the only culprit I could thank Nickelodeon for it. So why did Haim Saban pick the network to air Power Rangers in the first place when there's other TV stations? He could have just collaborated with Disney though that wouldn't also work. I thought about a number of shows I used to enjoy are RUINING my childhood now. Some of these are Fairly Oddparents and Spongebob. I used to watch Spongebob to relieve me of my stress but it's no longer funny. I used to laugh a lot with Spongebob but it's better to really say, "Enough is enough! Let Spongebob retire already!" The same goes for Fairly Oddparents' latest season where Timmy has to share his fairies with some bratty girl. Power Rangers is getting worse thanks to Nickelodeon. Talk about another batch of my childhood ruined by the same network that gave me one. 


I used to play a lot of Capcom video game series as a child. Some of these games are Street Fighter, the Megaman franchise and the Marvel vs. Capcom series. It was fun while it lasted until some things turned out so horrible. Street Fighter IV is really deep but Street Fighter V is really anemic. The Megaman series isn't getting that much respect either. Megaman Legends 3 is still in demand but it got thrown out of the window. I just hope Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will not be a disappointment. I can't blame Angry Joe's hatred for Crapcom no thanks to bad business decisions. 

Cake Boss Saban Brands

Should I mention Haim Saban himself is part of this list. I wouldn't say it's because of him (and Toei) that Power Rangers exists but it's because of how often the franchise ends up shooting itself at the foot way too many times. Airing Power Rangers from Disney to Nickelodeon is making things worse to the point that some people want to see it gone. Okay, Saban was responsible for some shows that I still want to rewatch right now even if he had collaborations with other companies like DIC, Nintendo, Toei, etc. While I didn't like the Toei/Saban tandem but he was responsible for the badass Marvel cartoons like the X-Men cartoon series or he had better respect for Marvel than Disney ever will or the Super Mario Bros. cartoons (which was a collaboration with DIC and licensed by Nintendo) but sheesh his return is making watching new school Power Rangers a waste of time.