The Guilty Pleasure Of Going To A Toy Store As An Adult

I thought about what the adult life is especially whether one's employed or self-employed. It's all about earning some self-earned money and saving them for both needs and wants. Gone are the days of being dependent on adults to get some toys. At the same time a lot of toys that I wanted to have as a child are gone. Why in the world do I even go to a toy store when I'm not buying anything at all for myself?

I go to certain malls and find out certain toy stores that I went to as a child are gone. I see Nova Fontana has been long gone. I go to Toy Kingdom, SM Toy Store and almost every toy store only to find out that the inventory has long been changed. I go to other toy stores only to find out that my generation has been long gone. I just felt like I was asleep for 300 years only to find out everything's changed. Yet there's something special about certain toy stores that still exist. There's still the inner child that yearns to be there in one way or another.

What's your thoughts about visiting a toy store as an adult?