I Think Power Rangers Hotties And Korean Hotties Are Like Beautiful Rare Diamonds

I don't deny I tend to overrate Japan. I tend to think Super Sentai is better than Power Rangers for the dumbest reasons. One dumb reason I tend to bash Ninja Steel is because of the Ninninger girls never I can dislike both. If I can like both Korean and Japanese then why can't I dislike two sides of an "opposition"? Then I thought about these "rare diamonds" you can find with Power Rangers girls and Korean girls. So what are examples of these rare diamonds?

Power Rangers girls hotter than their Super Sentai counterparts

Okay it's no secret I still regret why did I even bother to watch Megafailed for eye candy when I could have been watching other new school stuff for better reasons?! What I can't deny that there's such a thing as rare diamonds in Power Rangers. Who are my list of rare diamonds? While some may find Kira hotter than Ranru (and my stance on this flips a lot and I mean a lot) but some Power Rangers girls are hotter (but not necessarily better). I think about a few instances where the Power Rangers girl is hotter (though this can be relative because I still find Mika Katsumura hotter than Erin Cahill).

So who's probably the best example of a rare diamond? For the nth time people know my extreme favoritism towards Kimberly is too evident. I got mad when that stupid Dear Tommy letter had to be put in just to give the character a dirty finger. I thought about how I even purposely skipped the Mighty Morphin' reboot not because it's "duh it's Power Rangers so I'm skipping it" but because of "Duh, Kimberly is not as hot as she was back in 1993." Dumb reasoning at its dumbest isn't it? Oh should I mention I still find Kimberly that hot even to this day and age?

Korean girls that are that hot are rare

I still tend to think of South Korean girls as "plastic" because a lot of the are but some are pretty natural beauties. One of them that I remembered having a pitiful crush on was Song Hye Kyo who's getting married this October. I think Hye Kyo looks hotter than Haruka Suenaga.

The current one I found to have taken over Hye Kyo's mantle is Suzy Bae herself. Suzy is really that hot. While I could notice she looks like Maaya Uchida and Netizens tend to point that out but I noticed some differences. You could try and notice the differences are also body-wise. Suzy is sexier than Maaya.