Satirical News: GMA-7 Plans To Air Kamen Rider Drive Dubbed By Tsuperhero Cast

GMA-7 just aired Ultraman Ginga last Sunday with the Tagalog dub. Now they are pleased to announce that they will negotiate with Toei Ltd. for the rights to air Kamen Rider Drive. They will use the cast of Tsuperhero to do the voiceover.

Here's the list of the cast to dub the following characters though this is not yet the complete list nor is it final:

Derrick Monsterio as Shinosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive
Bea Binene as Kiriko Shijima
Gabby Concepcion as Jun Hongami
Alma Moreno as Rina Sawagami
Andre Paras as Kyu Saijo
Betong Sumaya as Genpachiro Otta
Benji Paras as Krim Steinbelt
Migs Cuaderno as Gou Shijima

The planned tagline for Kamen Rider Drive is, "Kung may Tsuperhero ang Pilipinas, eto ang Tsuperhero ng Japan." In English it means, "If the Philippines has a Tsuperhero, Japan also has a Tsuperhero."

Stay tuned for further developments.


  1. Another Cast(s) for Kamen Rider Drive GMA-7 DUB:

    Jose Manalo as Harley Hendrickson
    Dennis Trillo as Heart Roidmude
    ???? as Medic Roidmude
    Sinon Loresca as Brain Roidmude
    Jak Roberto as Chase
    Antonio Aquitania as Banno Tenjuro

    GMA is still on dilemma whether Kim Domingo or Andrea Torres will be the one to dub Medic Roidmude.

    Just a day after airing 1st episode of Dubbed Kamen Rider Drive...

    Tokusatsu Fans show severe dismay over their bad dubbing & also for romanticizing KRD. They(Toku Fans) attack GMA7(online via Facebook) for such lousy performance. Suzette Doctolero defends GMA7's dubbing of Kamen Rider Drive only to be attacked by Toku Fans for saying "Kamen Rider Drive" is the Japan's version of "Tsuperhero". She uttered bad words towards them(Toku Fans) after lambasted for her actions.

    Meanwhile in Japan, Takeuchi Ryoma denounces GMA7 for mediocre dubbing of his show after a Filipino telling him about their(GMA7) actions for their show. Inaba Yuu posted himself in Instagram holding Zenrin Shooter along with Katono Taiko also holding Brake Gunner(in order to tell they are fully enraged) for Terribly Dubbed Version of their show. Veteran Kamen Rider Actors Fujioka Hiroshi(1Gou), Sasaki Takeshi(2Gou), & Miyauchi(V3) Hiroshi lament Filipinos for their love of mediocrity & saying that they(Filipinos) are the most problematic society that must be strictly reformed(no thanks to KRD's bad dub that adds unrelated romantic words to attract more viewers & they even imitate). Kobayashi Yutaka(Baron from Gaim) posted himself as Overlord Baron with his Filipino Fans being tied with Helheim plant(their plan) to show dismay over GMA7's degrading of their Series(Kamen Rider).

  2. Moments after this Controversy...

    Filipino protesters(almost all of them are Teleserye viewers/lovers from ABiaS-CBN, GMA7, & TV5 + "Ultranationalists" like Baya* Muna(led by Renato Reyes), Akbaya*, G***briela, Migraine) attack Japanese embassy in the Philippines & TOEI Philippines after Toku Fans reaction towards GMA7 dubbed version of Kamen Rider Drive & also(whining their a**es again) for wanting Japan to apologize for their atrocities during WWII(even no longer needed as Japan already did it & Ph is on good terms with JP). Pinoy Pridists(+ PNoy Pridists) attack online especially Kamen Rider Drive's actors social media accounts(IG, Twitter, & Ameba). Takeuchi Ryoma, Inaba Yuu, Katono Taiko, Warabino Tomoya, Matsushima Shota, Imata Taira, & Kataoka Tsurutaro got Death Threats from them(Pinoy + PNoy Pridists) warning them not to step their feet in Philippine Soil for Drive(Takeuchi Ryoma)'s stance towards GMA7. Uchida Rio, Yoshii Rei, & Baba Fumika got rape & death threats once they step their feet on Philippine Soil. Filipino Toku Fans warn those Pridists to stop threatening them(KRD Actors) or will wage war towards them(Pridists) as they can no longer tolerate their actions. Worst, Baya* Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate attempting to Propose "Pinoy Enterainment Supremacy Bill" which is considered by many hypocritical as that proposal forbids foreign entertainment both in TV & the Internet while allowing PH Shows to be aired overseas & Online & criticizing some PH shows for mediocrity could send them to prison for up to 20 years(the offense is non-bailable). After that proposal got obsolete, in order to worsen the PH cultural diversity's situation is Baya* Muna even attempts to propose "Pinoy Blood Supremacy Bill" which bans Filipino People to marry foreigners & those with Foreign Blood in the PH & even banning them(PH Natives) to communicate with them(Foreigners & those with Foreign Blood) both in person & online inside PH & those who violate it will send Filipinos to prison for up to 20 years(non-bailable). Another thing is that Filipinos attempting to get out of PH(for work &/or living overseas) to befriend &/or marry foreigners & those with Foreign blood will send them to life imprisonment(non-bailable). After Many know such proposal thanks to both TV & Internet, they attack Baya* Muna & beat them after refusing to quit such proposal & many uttered bad words towards them. Baya* Muna got humiliated after being paraded beaten & naked for their hypocrisy.


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