Naniwa Bushi Jinsei Wa: It's A Sad Japanese Song But It Has A Catchy Tune

Here's a popular Japanese song called "Naniwa Bushi Jinsei Wa" which can be translated as "Life is but a long sob story." The Naniwa Bushi is a sob story. What I find so funny is that as sad as this song is supposed to be about the sad life of a woman but it's a catchy song. 

The translation of the lyrics goes as follows:

When I was told to drink up I meekly obeyed
Beginning to feel that way when an arm curled my shoulder
Foolish encounters are cleverly disguised as something promising
I should give up but once again it's love at first sight
The life of a woman is nothing but a sob story

I'm kindly and gently told lies by another
The love in my heart is found by them as well
Just toyed around by that same person
A woman with her hopes extinguished is alone once more
The life of a woman is nothing but a sob story

Blooming, withering, being thrown away
Meeting, parting, losing all hope
While at the mercy of another's fickle's affections
Feeling just trampled over dying on the vine
The life of a woman is nothing but a sob story

Fortunately, there are more translations online which could help non-Japanese speakers to appreciate the beauty of Japanese classics. 


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