Satirical News: Koryolink And ABiaS-CBN Plan To Open "Koryolink, Philippines" In Tondo, Manila

After Digs Dimagiba was "nagiba" he and Jim Paredes have lost their power. The problem soon escalated as Filipinos fighting for economic reforms criticized them for endorsing Samsung when they love protectionism. To prove how "great" protectionism is certain members of the Liberal Party were seen at North Korea to meet Emperor Kim Jung Un. Among those who were spotted with Mar and Jim are Marbobo Roxas, Nobita Aquino, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Raissa Espinosa-Robles and Alan Robles.

A new deal was called "Koryolink Philippines" with the Emperor of North Korea. Digs and Jim both decided to show how protectionism helps the economy by meeting with his highness. Emperor Kim released the papers to do business in the Philippines. Koryolink's first office in the Philippines will be opened in Tondo, Manila. It will have a partnership with ABiaS-CBN in establishing Koryolink. 

"I believe that Koryolink will prove that the 1987 Constitution will defeat Duterte's plan for economic liberalization. We will prove the superiority of protectionism. Koryolink will definitely be the best smart phone ever thanks to economic protectionism. The agreement is that Koryolink will only own 40% and the Philippine network will own 60%." said Marbobo in an interview with Pia Ranada-Robles of Crappler.

Regarding on the matter, President Rodrigo R. Duterte said, "Let them invest but they must agree to pay taxes. Let Koryolink try and prove how great they are. If they can sell high quality products then I will dump any plans to open up the economy. If not, the company can go bankrupt for all I care." 

However there are reports that Emperor Kim and ABiaS-CBN's Carlo Jouaquin Lopez Katigbak are currently arguing. Emperor Kim demands to at least have 50% or  60% while Katigbak argues that Emperor Kim can only own 40%. How this issue of ownership between Koryolink and ABiaS-CBN will be settled still remains to be seen. 

Stay tuned for further developments.