I'll Screw That J-Pop VS. K-Pop Internet "Rule" And Enjoy The Best Of Both

I can't help but think if there was Star Wars vs. Star Trek as a divide I guess there's the whole Japanese vs. Korean fan wars. It seems to be the greatest divide where some fans of Japanese entertainment bash Korean entertainment and vice-versa. I would admit I've been guilty of that during the Koreanovela craze. I wanted Korean shows to go away until I grew fond of them to a certain extent.

I wasn't always a fan of Korean shows or its culture. It felt strange to me and I'm a person who tends to have a very fixed, rigid mindset in many instances. Everything changed though for some stupid reasons like when I started tasting Korean food and liking it better than Japanese food. Kimbap was an improved version of sushi and some Korean shows were really that good. I'd like to imagine myself with a Japanese girl while eating Korean food.

Who says Koreans are always inferior? There are times some Korean doppelgangers actually look better (without surgeries) than their Japanese doppelgangers. A few instances I could name is that Song Hye Kyo looks prettier than Haruka Suenaga or my favorite example is that Suzy Bae is hotter than Maaya Uchida. While I usually prefer Japanese girls over Korean girls but I can't deny that those doppelgangers are mentioned are hotter than their Japanese counterparts.

While I may not enjoy K-Pop as much as J-Pop but some K-Pop songs get into me. I may not like a lot of Korean songs but I do enjoy Suzy's and Rain's songs. I can still enjoy the music of K-Drama even if I don't like KPop that much. I still enjoy the music of Kang Chi even if I still prefer Japanese music over Korean music. I could still enjoy Kang Chi better than its source material Inuyasha while I could still enjoy the latter's music more. I like Japanese music better than Korean music while I enjoy Korean food better than Japanese food.

I could really think about how I still thank Japan for what I'm enjoying. I've enjoyed the past Playstation systems, DVD technology and rice cookers. All the while, I'm using Japanese inventions to prepare Korean food. Then, you may be using DVD players made in South Korea even if the invention was from Japan. So I end up enjoying the best of both Japanese and Korean culture. Neither is perfect nor retarded. You can enjoy both of them!