I'm Still Into American Culture

I could remember how often I flip-flop with what I think about American culture. I could go from anti-American in one minute then I could become an American bootlicker in another minute. So I thought that most of the shows I watch today are either Japanese (where I tend to overrate it), Chinese or South Korean but I don't think I could get rid of American culture from my system.

No matter how many times I try to go full-American I always find myself in the stupid situation of those idiotic anti-American rallyists. I could remember how often I badmouthed the U.S. all the while I still ate at American-owned establishments or watched American TV shows. The more I saw through that stupidity the more I saw I can't just get rid of American culture from my system. I could get rid of American junk all I care but not American culture. I'm still into English and I can never have that idiocy of "Ayoko ng Ingles." or "I hate English." mentality like those idiotic pseudo-nationalists.

I have considered the fact that I don't watch a lot of American shows these days. It's got nothing with anti-American ramblings. No, the reason why I don't watch most American TV shows these days is all because of how many of the programs are that stupid. An example is that how often has Simpsons and Family Guy are two shows that make me want me to put a violent end to Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. It's also no secret that I dislike Power Rangers and prefer Super Sentai which I blame cultural differences as a contributing factor.

Not to mention I still tend to have a white mind when it comes to the appreciation of beauty. There are times I just watch American shows not for plot but for the eye candy. While I don't deny that I find most Super Sentai girls better looking than the Power Rangers girls (though there are rare occasions that it flips like I tend to overrate Kimberly A LOT). Both Baywatch and Mighty Morphin' triggered that hidden like I had for white girls. I really still feel that I tend to prefer attractive white girls over attractive Asian girls. =P


So in short, I'm still into American culture but not as much as before. I'm not anti-American either and I don't favor any nationality or race.