Back To Back With Kimberly Hart And Cassie Jean Parker During Friday Evenings Of The 90s

Back as a 90s child, I remembered watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers back to back with Baywatch on ABiaS-CBN. But I didn't really pay too much attention to Baywatch's plot except for Cassie Jean Parker. Time to take a trip back to memory lane for the 90s.

Kimberly Hart

Watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was a guilty pleasure for me as a child. I didn't really like it, people called me immature for watching it while I hid that one huge stupid reason why I even watched it. Maybe I just watched it like every other child who enjoyed a children's show or not. Regardless, I just checked out almost everything. In the case of Mighty Morphin' I wasn't in there because it was a show targeted for children. I was there because of Kimberly. She was really a sweet a lovable character to the point I still fling a dirty finger on Douglas Sloan's face during Zeo for derailing her. She became the reason why I liked Tommy as a child so I could imagine myself near her. 

Cassie Jean Parker

After Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers then it was time for Baywatch. I was having a heavy crush on the lifeguard Cassie Jean Parker. I can't really remember much of Baywatch except that I was simply looking at Cassie herself. I didn't really pay too much attention to people drowning. I even thought of trying to drown myself so I could get mouth to mouth but that's stupid. She's not a real character but what can I say? The actress Pamela Anderson was pretty much at her prime during the show's airing. There was a charm in her character of Cassie Jean. She's hot, men want her but she's hard to catch. 

Which fictional hot girl was your bigger guilty pleasure? 


  1. I also remembered I watched Sailor Moon for shallow reasons, even if, as I thought, people are telling me I'm gay just because I watch an anime which one will easily perceive as "for girl's only."


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