I'm Not Anti-American But I Avoid Most American TV Shows!

I'm not anti-American nor do I want to become one. I'm still using Microsoft Office, Google and I'm still on the Internet which was made by Americans but I avoid American shows. That pretty much explains why I don't even intend to be updated on Power Rangers. As much as I acknowledge Toei's involvement in the production and the need for localization but just the mere fact it's an American-made show makes me think, "There goes my brain!" I admit, I still suffer from the mental decay because I spent a lot of time watching mostly American shows as a child. I thought that just because it's American it's good. Boy, I was really that wrong and all those American TV shows may have attributed to why my learning ability slowed down during my teenage years.

What's there to really dislike or even hate about most American shows are oversimplistic plots,trying to  be funny but ends up becoming super annoying, overly predictable and overacting is encouraged. It's just like I ended up getting annoyed at almost everything American. While I fully understand why Japanese companies do allow their shows to be localized but I guess it's because you can't expect a population where most people are that simple minded to appreciate any well-written plot. In short, I feel like when Japanese shows get localized for American shores I feel like Toei's actually forced to sell what I dub as "baby food" to a simple minded population. Soccer moms themselves are probably another cause to why Toei has to allow American companies to localize their shows and convert them into "baby food". It's because Americans tend to be too sheltered. I hate to admit it but I guess a lot of Filipinos learn that attitude because they tend to admire Americans too much. Maybe that's why those who overrate American culture (regardless of nationality) tend to be such big babies in real life.

It's also stupid to say, "It's better because it's in American-English." I'm afraid that kind of mentality has even made more Americans dumber. Language doesn't make a better script. Writing is what makes a better script. A good example would be I'd compare Hurricanger and Ninja Storm. Sure Ninja Storm is in English but I tend to find the humor annoying (Mara and Kapri) while Hurricanger has better focus and development of its cast. Hurricanger is in Japanese, I don't speak it but it's the better show because of better plot and writing. To watch shows based on their language rather than their content is stupid. Of course, if you don't speak the language please look for good subtitles. There's no use watching a good show if you can't understand the language. Fortunately, some Americans are starting to stop chomping on baby food and start eating some real food. But others still want to keep eating baby food and that's not a good thing for one's mental health!

Right now, I just choose to avoid American TV shows as much as possible. Sometimes, I wonder if I should still rewatch some cartoons I watched from my childhood. But again, I don't think so. It's just like why would I want to rewatch Lion Voltron and Vehicle Voltron after seeing Golion and Dairugger XV? Sure they weren't popular in Japan but they definitely had better plot and execution than their Americanized counterparts. Then again, I guess the really bad quality of most American shows might another reason why anti-American sentiments are growing. While I discourage anti-American behavior and thinking Japan is the best but you're still better off avoiding American TV shows. It's no big loss and I usually avoid most American movies as well.