I Tend To Flip-Flop With What I Think About American Culture

I don't deny that I once wanted to be considered American especially in my teenage years. I always thought about the American dream more than once and there's also this part of me that tends to be an anti-American or I have anti-American thoughts every now and then. So what's with the issue with my flip-flop with what I think about American culture? I could go from anti-American to U.S.A. fanatic in one easy step.

Americanized versions of Japanese shows

Perhaps one reason why I went anti-American is how often that the U.S. localizes foreign shows into their country. I pretty much understand these days that Japan and the U.S. are allies. I always keep in mind that both Japanese and American cultures are radically different from each other. What I can't forget is how seeing the Japanese product makes me, "Screw it! That's it!" about the American versions of the products.

Before I learned of Saban's contracts with Toei and cultural differences I treated almost everything Americanized as an act of "cultural erasure". These days, I still don't like Power Rangers or Americanized versions of Japanese shows but I wouldn't call them an act of cultural erasure. I still understand that Toei can't do business in the U.S. market without cultural adjustments. I think Toei and Bandai will still have their relationship with Cake Boss ahem Saban as long as they get money showers.

Modern America's prevalence of anti-intellectualism in their media

What I can't deny is that I'm not anti-American but I avoid most American TV shows. It's no secret that I also watch American media. I still feel the urge to rewatch the Marvel-based cartoons produced by Saban Entertainment even if I don't like Power Rangers. Some of my favorite cartoons back as a teenager are in Nickelodeon. I used to watch Teen Nick as a young adult. I could remember how I like the wackiness of Spongebob way before that show burnt itself out after the movie.

So what's my issues with American media? Most of the humor tend to be very annoying than funny. Maybe my favorite examples are Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. I can't deny how both characters infuriate me to no end even if they're not real. I can't forget how I wish Peter Griffin actually died when he hanged himself in Family Guy. Worse, there's even a real life Peter Griffin who I just wish would go away forever.

I tend to like blaming the overabundance of American media to why the Philippines has a prevailing culture of anti-intellectualism. While I don't really see American media as entirely stupid but I just find myself not able to like the anti-intellectual nature of a lot of American shows these days. But again, it doesn't mean I don't watch American media either. It's just that I've become more and more selective when it comes to American media.

In the end, I still can't find any reason to be anti-American or anti-any nationality

As I said, I may not like most American shows but I couldn't consider myself anti-American in the long run. It's just like someone who is mad at China's bullying of neighboring countries but he or she isn't anti-Chinese. I may be protesting against the U.S. as a bully state but I don't blame all Americans for what their government is doing. Every nation has its own sets of problems. No culture is perfect so no use loving any culture blindly.

What I should mention is that some of my favorite Chinese celebrities are actually married to Americans. Also, I thought about how some of my favorite Japanese celebrities are not only half-Filipino but some are half-white. The more I looked at the late Bruce Lee's story the more I think about it that I shouldn't be against any nationality. Lee himself decided that he would teach martial arts to all who are willing to learn. He also exposed the stupidity of many Chinese communities around the world that tend to think too high of themselves even if they're a minorities.

So maybe I don't like American stuff as much as I used to. Instead, I go for diversification because no culture is perfect. It's just like how I prefer Korean food over Japanese food, Japanese entertainment over Korean entertainment, Japanese products over Chinese products and how Western civilization actually modernized the Eastern civilization. I still enjoy what American culture offers to the world and I don't deny that a lot of stuff I'm using are born from American influence. I don't deny that Japanese influence has also given me some stuff I could enjoy today.

I just want to enjoy the best of both East and West. I've enjoyed Western covers of Eastern songs and vice versa. I like Western music and Eastern music. Life is boring and disastrous without learning the pros and cons of multiple cultures. So in the end, I just find being anti-any nationality to be foolish.