Satirical News: UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard Confirmed To Have Her Vacation In Tondo, Manila This December 2017

Agnes Callamard makes headlines yet again as she confirms she will have her vacation in Tondo, Manila. She had an interview on CNN where she stated, "I can't wait to visit the beautiful city of Tondo, Manila and I want to experience Filipino hospitality in that place. Filipinos were very hospitable during my diplomatic visit. I want to prove to Rodrigo Duterte that shabu doesn't lead to violence or cause brain damage by having my vacation in Tondo."

It was confirmed that Callamard herself has already booked a ticket for Manila to have her vacation in Tondo, Manila. The trip was confirmed by Marbobo Roxas, Korina Sanchez-Roxas, Cheato Gascon and Etta Rosales who will hold her welcoming party as she arrives in Tondo, Manila. Akbobo Representative Tom Villarin said in an interview with ABiaS-CBN, "The Palace is scared of Agnes Callamard. Even her vacation here will make Duterte tremble in fear."

President Rodrigo R. Duterte commented, "She wants to have her vacation in Tondo to prove shabu can't cause brain damage? Good. If she can come out of there unharmed and unscathed then I will welcome her with open arms and I will resign. But if she calls the cops to ask for help then I will not resign from my position. My goodness I really hate drugs!"

Stay tuned for further developments.