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A Funny Fruit Ninja Fanmade Trailer

I find these fanmade trailers (and yes, there is NO Fruit Ninja movie) based on video games to be really funny. Here's the Fruit Ninja trailer. I do play Fruit Ninja whenever I'm bored or waiting for my order. Now check this out and laugh.

"Mothers And Daughters" Anyone?

Sometimes, I could joke how some people aren't mom and daughter but I'd love to pretend they were mom and daughter. I decided to update this old post.

Reiko Chiba and Erina Nakayama

If Reiko Chiba gave birth at 20 years old, Erina Nakayama would be her daughter though I'll admit, Erina's prettier than Reiko. While watching Kamen Rider Wizard, I wished Reiko appeared as the mother of the twins Misa and Mayu. Sadly, that didn't happen. But unlike her "mother", Erina herself hasn't been doing Toku and is still very active. Reiko wasn't so active after Zyuranger. She had a guest role in Kakuranger and we didn't see her much. For Erina, well she's gotten better after that and she's way prettier than Reiko in her younger days.

Brigitte Lin and Liu Yi Fei

The first time I saw Brigitte Lin's photos I really couldn't help but say "Liu Yi Fei, is that you?" Although she's currently a senior citizen now, I can't deny tha…

Young Pamela Anderson Pictures For December 28, 2015

Here's some classical young Pamela Anderson pictures for today...
I'm just reminded of my friend who looks like her

Such a waste all these got marred by surgeries

The Statement "Epitome Of Physical Beauty" Is A Huge Exaggeration

Have you heard of the statement, "She's the most beautiful woman in the world." or "Most beautiful woman ever." Then there's the statement, "She's the epitome of physical beauty." I'd like to name some celebrities who may have gotten that crown from some fans.

One of the women in her prime that may have been called as the epitome of beauty is Pamela Anderson. Looking at her pictures in her prime, I'd agree she was really pretty and too bad she didn't age gracefully plus I think it's a bad thing she didn't have a daughter. I'll admit she's the prettiest Baywatch girl for me during her time but I won't call her the most beautiful woman in the world during her time. I'll admit she had the height and the figure, too bad it was all marred out with all that surgeries and too bad she didn't have a daughter who looks like her.

Another one who might have gotten that crown is Amy Jo Johnson back in her days. Fortu…

Happy Holidays From Bella Thorne

Here's Bella Thorne and that gingerbread man greeting us with Happy Holidays. 

Season's Greetings From Emma Rose Roberts

Season's greetings from who I consider to be the prettiest former Nickelodeon girl, Emma Rose Roberts.

Season's Greetings From Victoria Justice

Well here's Victoria Justice for season's greetings... looking as charming as ever.

Blast To The Past: Interview With Kimberly Hart

I had my thought on this video which has Amy Jo Johnson's interview way back in 1993 when I was still big into Power Rangers. While I'm currently neutral when it comes to Power Rangers, Ultraman, the Star God series by Toho and a lot more but it's fun to feel young again. So she's talked a lot about how Power Rangers is just fantasy, stay away from drugs and more. Enjoy!

Eye Candy May Overrate A Good Show While It May Fail To Save A Bad Show

After writing my Shinkenger review for JEFusion, I felt like I wanted to write on this rather silly post on eye candy. Well I did write a similar post before but I thought I might write additional thoughts on the matter. I might consider this part of my learning experience.

Good show with lots of eye candy

There's no doubt that Super Sentai and Power Rangers can create a good show with lots of eye candy to the point it gets overappreciated. For instance, the mighty hit Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (first season) or Gosei Sentai Dairanger are shows where eye candy is really abundant on both sides. For instance, Mighty Morphin' has Jason, Kimberly and later Tommy while Dairanger has Ryou and Rin. Comparison-wise, Kimberly and Rin are really that pretty but they don't make their shows good. Mighty Morphin' was pretty new at its time but I'll admit, I can still enjoy some of its writing and I can understand why some people prefer it over Zyuranger's "weird…

Satirical News: Mar Roxas Attempts To Become Boy Kamen Rider!

After several failures to gain approval ratings, Mar Roxas now tries the absurd. After President Nobita met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Roxas had the ultimate idea. He ended up thinking that his next gimmick was to become "Boy Kamen Rider" to impress the crowd. What he did was to simply watch some Kamen Rider episodes where he attempts to become a Kamen Rider to please the crowd in his slogan, "Ituloy Ang Daang Matuwid" or "Continue the Straight Road".

During this time, Roxas decided to try and do the stunts done by Japan Action Club. He said, "The symbol of the Liberal Party should the Kamen Rider." But before that, he forced his wife Kornina Sanchez to write an apology for wishing the typhoon would hit Japan instead of the Philippines. He wanted to become a Kamen Rider so he can gain approval ratings so he arranged a meeting with Kamen Rider stuntman Jiro Okamoto to learn to become a Kamen Rider for his next publicity stunt.