Satirical News: Mar Roxas Attempts To Become Boy Kamen Rider!

Yes folks, Mar Roxas attempted to become a Kamen Rider!
After several failures to gain approval ratings, Mar Roxas now tries the absurd. After President Nobita met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Roxas had the ultimate idea. He ended up thinking that his next gimmick was to become "Boy Kamen Rider" to impress the crowd. What he did was to simply watch some Kamen Rider episodes where he attempts to become a Kamen Rider to please the crowd in his slogan, "Ituloy Ang Daang Matuwid" or "Continue the Straight Road".

During this time, Roxas decided to try and do the stunts done by Japan Action Club. He said, "The symbol of the Liberal Party should the Kamen Rider." But before that, he forced his wife Kornina Sanchez to write an apology for wishing the typhoon would hit Japan instead of the Philippines. He wanted to become a Kamen Rider so he can gain approval ratings so he arranged a meeting with Kamen Rider stuntman Jiro Okamoto to learn to become a Kamen Rider for his next publicity stunt.

The mishap at Toei's filming grounds
where Roxas fell off his bike!
During Roxas' time where he met stuntman Okamoto, he decided to show off his motorcycle skills to show he is ready to become "Boy Kamen Rider". His attempt to impress Toei's stuntmen ended in failure. While he was at Toei's filming grounds, he fell off the motorcycle. He wanted to impress everyone with his fighting skills but he ended up getting beaten by the stuntmen. As a result, Toei decided to stop him from hurting himself and requested him to leave the studio.

The whole incident did not escape the ears of Takeru Sato. Previously, Roxas attempted to become a samurai during Rurouni Kenshin's second screening in the Philippines. Sato commented, "Not everyone can do stunts. If you know you cannot do it, do not do it. First he wanted to become a samurai then he wants to become a Kamen Rider to get votes. Filipinos should not vote for an attention whore like that." Unfortunately for Roxas, GMA-7 had taken their revenge for the alleged sabotage by replaying the whole event. ABiaS-CBN on the other decided to Roxas look like he was a hero during that scene.

Stay tuned for further developments.


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