The Statement "Epitome Of Physical Beauty" Is A Huge Exaggeration

Have you heard of the statement, "She's the most beautiful woman in the world." or "Most beautiful woman ever." Then there's the statement, "She's the epitome of physical beauty." I'd like to name some celebrities who may have gotten that crown from some fans.

One of the women in her prime that may have been called as the epitome of beauty is Pamela Anderson. Looking at her pictures in her prime, I'd agree she was really pretty and too bad she didn't age gracefully plus I think it's a bad thing she didn't have a daughter. I'll admit she's the prettiest Baywatch girl for me during her time but I won't call her the most beautiful woman in the world during her time. I'll admit she had the height and the figure, too bad it was all marred out with all that surgeries and too bad she didn't have a daughter who looks like her.

Another one who might have gotten that crown is Amy Jo Johnson back in her days. Fortunately she's aged gracefully. Now I could go ahead and call her character Kimberly Hart as the epitome of Tokusatsu beauty but I certainly can't call her the most beautiful woman ever. Her disadvantage is her lack of height as she's only 5'2 compared to other Tokusatsu hotties. She's got a daughter now but I felt bad she got married very late and it might be difficult for her to have more kids.

In my case, I've given that crown to Emma Rose Roberts though others disagree naming their own candidates. For former Nickelodeon girls, I'd say she's the prettiest though Victoria Justice and Gracie Dzienny are worthy mentions. Like Amy Jo, her main disadvantage is her height as she's only 5'2 while the other former Nickelodeon girls are taller than she is. Victoria and Gracie both have the height advantage over her.

Liu Yi Fei might have been named that also but I thought there were prettier ones like Esther Liu and Song Hye Kyo. I think there are other prettier Chinese girls than her except she had the most exposure. There are many pretty Chinese girls whether they come from China or Taiwan. For her, she's got the height and body though I think Esther Liu is prettier than she is. She looks like she could play as classic Taiwanese beauty Brigitte Lin's daughter on-screen.

Japanese women tend to get into that list and I think Nao Nagasawa may have gotten that title. I'll admit she's really attractive but I'm more interested in her martial arts whenever I watch anything that has her in it. Nao does have those assets but I've been a fan of her martial arts like I'm a fan of Yukari Oshima or other action girls. Too bad she never made it into Hong Kong action films before she got married.

Mr. Smith's choice for hotter than any SS/PR girl has gone against mine with Jasmine. I'll admit the actress Ayumi Kinoshita is attractive. In comparison, Amy Jo is short by Western standards while Ayumi's pretty tall. I'll admit she's really pretty and it's harder to find someone who looks like her than it is for Rin Takanashi or Aiko Ito.

That's just a short list of the women who I think got overrated for their beauty. I'll just say it's an exaggeration because beauty is usually preferential while there will always be somebody prettier than the last one.