"Mothers And Daughters" Anyone?

Sometimes, I could joke how some people aren't mom and daughter but I'd love to pretend they were mom and daughter.

Reiko Chiba and Erina Nakayama

If Reiko Chiba gave birth at 20 years old, Erina Nakayama would be her daughter though I'll admit, Erina's prettier than Reiko. While watching Kamen Rider Wizard, I wished Reiko appeared as the mother of the twins Misa and Mayu. Sadly, that didn't happen.

Brigitte Lin and Liu Yi Fei

The first time I saw Brigitte Lin's photos I really couldn't help but say "Liu Yi Fei, is that you?" Although she's currently a senior citizen now, I can't deny that her photos in the past bear a striking resemblance to Liu Yi Fei. On the sad note, Brigitte Lin's daughters looked more like their father Michael Ying (who looks like Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay) while her stepdaughter (Michael's daughter from a previous marriage) looks like Abigail Binay. It'd be funny to see them shopping together because Yi Fei looks like she came from Brigitte's womb or she looks like she's her niece when that's just impossible. The similarity still amazes me until now.