What If Pamela Anderson Had A Daughter?

When I thought of Pamela Anderson having two sons, I always thought about the "sad fact" (at least for me) that she doesn't have a daughter. I was thinking of what it could have been if she actually had a daughter aside from a son?

Looking at the children of Pamela Anderson and her former husband Tommy Lee, they are looking pretty good as they are growing up so I really thought it was too bad they didn't have a daughter.  Sideline, too bad her son Brandon Thomas isn't hanging out with Bella Thorne as I thought. =P  Too bad they never had a sister.

When I think that she doesn't have a daughter, I felt like it's a huge waste of genetic material that her genetics only went to the birth of two sons.  It would have been something if she had a daughter who was a split image of her or a combination of her and Tommy Lee.  It's really so sad that while she's given birth to two handsome sons, she's never given birth to a beautiful daughter.  So sad really!  It would have been nice if she had a beautiful daughter born into the world.

Just an imagined picture of how her daughter would have looked like... if she ever existed!

I would imagine that if she had a daughter after having two sons, we would have a little Pamela Anderson with her.  That daughter if she existed might become the next hottest girl in Hollywood, a title she would get from her mother.  I would suspect that we would have a really pretty actress.  Too bad, she will always be an imagined concept.

I guess if that daughter existed, assuming both her sons ever had a sister, she would probably be very stunning and would like her mom in the younger days.  So bad really, it really wasn't meant to be. Plus, it became the biggest waste of genetic material ever.


  1. Yes indeed! She should have transmitted her genetic material to a female offsrping!


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