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Olivia Jordan And Some Delicious Ice Cream

Here's Olivia Jordan with some delicious ice cream... she's so naturally sweet!

Paid Microtransactions: Why They Can Be A Huge Downside For New School Gaming!

I remembered the time I got my hands on a Playstation 3 some time ago. While I didn't get it immediately when things are still new but I remembered a lot of stuff I got fascinated about. Online patching of video game glitches was definitely more convenient than having to endure the glitches through and through during the old school gaming days. Graphics have huge improvement, a lot of gameplay innovation from competent companies may make you never want to pick some of their old school games again (ex. You may have stopped playing the first game they released way back in the 90s)... you name it! While I was sad that there are no more cheat devices but it was nice to engage in competitive gaming. There was a huge feel of satisfaction like paying off Ludger's huge loan in Tales of Xillia 2. I never did anything like that way back when I was playing old school RPGs when cheat codes were still trendy.

Gracie Dzienny Picture For September 22, 2016

She's a naturally attractive girl. I think she could make a good Emma Frost for X-Men in this photo. 

Episode 14: Shippaiman's Finale Breaks The Score As Toei's Highest Rated Mini-Series

It's sad to see Shippaiman go but Toei Ltd. announced it was just going to be a mini-series. The final episode "Shippaiman's End" managed to get a lot of views. Actor Osamu Sakuta said, "Shippaiman the mini-series was probably the best short series Toei ever came out with. But don't worry we'll still have two Shippaiman movies coming out. One is a Shippaiman/Kamen Rider crossover and the other will be a Shippaiman/Zyuohger crossover. Be ready for those two movies."

The final episode involved the Winsbraindraft team leading the rebellion. During the final episode, Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman get into an actual action-filled finale fighting against Takeru and Jules. The rest prepare to oust the incompetent Prime Minister Nobita along with all his cohorts. Due to their incompetence and the newly awakened Japanese people, they all literally throw the lousy parliament into the trash can.

Gracie Dzienny Picture for September 17, 2016

Is it me or is she really getting hotter? She's got that natural unique beauty.

I'm Not Anti-American But I Don't Like Most American Shows

I usually speak English. I admit that there are times I end up with inconsistency is because I'm trying to master Japanese and Mandarin (and I'm not good in languages) and I could relate more to English speaking crowds. I use a lot of stuff born out of  American influence. Japan and the U.S. are allies and I love Japanese culture. Taiwan and the U.S. are allies and I love Taiwanese culture. I can't be anti-American for a lot of reasons aside from the fact that some stuff I use are born out of American influence.

I usually don't like American shows which may explain why I don't feel anything special about Power Rangers. I don't know precisely when the feeling started. I don't think it really started when I discovered the existence of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. I guess it started with me watching Tokusatsu and Anime finding them "better" than the American adaptations. Not that I'm saying all American shows are stupid. I still watch some American …

My Pre-Conceived Stupid Imaginations With Kamen Rider EX-AID And Ninja Steel

I just have my preconceived biases every now and then. Please learn to tell them apart from my opinions and the facts okay? So here goes nothing with some stupid imaginations I've had as of recent.

I think Kamen Rider EX-AID's going to be better than Zyuohger even before it starts...

Even before seeing Kamen Rider EX-AID, I'm already thinking that I may like this show better than Zyuohger. The plot is interesting with a doctor as a Kamen Rider, with somebody who looks after the health of the public and I'm really thinking this might feel more "mature" than Zyuohger's fun series. It's too early for me to say it. I may find the suits cartoony and kiddie but the story's interesting. I'm even thinking that Super Sentai and Power Rangers are going to get kicked lower this time with Kamen Rider EX-AID.

About the new Ninja Steel Pink Ranger...

This is a very mixed comment from me. Again, since when did I not point out the weaknesses of just EVERYTHING?…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Picture For September 13, 2016

I can't believe she looks younger than her age... she was actually 23 years old when she played a teenager.

She Looks Like Mako, She's Tough As Ranru!

She looks like Mako but she's inwardly Ranru. So what does it mean she's inwardly Ranru? Watching Abaranger reminds me of her. Watching Shinkenger may only remind me of her appearance but it's Abaranger that really reminds me of her.

The situation may be like this: men want her but will have to get past through her. Ranru isn't someone you could just try to win over. Ask Yatsudenwani! He tried to get her affections only to end up getting beaten up.

There's the expression that she's pretty as a rose but she's twice as deadly as its thorns. I guess having Ranru's personality while having Mako's appearance can contribute to that!

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode 13 "Tax Tax Baby" Angers Kill Henares!

Two Super Sentai seniors Ayumi Kinoshita and Nao Nagasawa guest star in the 13th episode of Shippaiman. The plot involved Ayumi Kinoshita playing as the corrupt revenue officer Keiko Haneda and Nao Nagasawa playing as a sushi entrepreneur known as Lily Utsugi. Keiko herself has been overtaxing the Japanese people with unfair tax rates where they pay 32% for an excess of 1,000,000 yen. On the other hand, she protected all her allies who give her money under the table.

Both Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman perform feats of heroism telling the Japanese people that the tax rates are justifiable. Jules disguised herself as a customer to find out what's going on at the local sushi bar. There she discovered that Keiko has been receiving bribe money from Lily. During this episode, Sayaka Akimoto assumes her role as Pia Wakamatsu where she's about to be extorted. This is a sinister plan of Senator Bum who desired to have Pia to be one of his mistresses. The prime minister's irresponsibl…

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For September 9, 2016

She's really looking a lot like a younger Pamela Anderson here

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode 13 "Bureau Of Crackpots" Angers Alberto Looney!

Tetsuo Morishita who previously played Dr. Hinelar now appears as Akio Royama the head of the Japanese Bureau of Customs. In this episode, it's revealed that a lot of Japanese people forced to labor in other countries due to Prime Minister Nobita's economic restrictions saying that "it will lead Japan to its golden age". As many Overseas Japanese Workers arrive from the U.S., China, South Korea and Singapore, Akio was harassing them demanding exorbitant fees while Chinese crooks are now given their privilege to enter their dangerous inventory without question.

The Winsbraindraft team have been alarmed by a number of illegal Chinese staying in Japan. Keiichi Wada plays as an unnamed Chinese drug lord only known as Long (Dragon). The episode also shows how Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman intend to "arrest" Long to make themselves look good. The Winsbraindraft team suspect that Long himself has been bribing Akio considering that 5,000,000 kgs of shabu have made it…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For September 3, 2016

What can I say? She's really becoming hotter!