I'm Not Anti-American But I Don't Like Most American Shows

I usually speak English. I admit that there are times I end up with inconsistency is because I'm trying to master Japanese and Mandarin (and I'm not good in languages) and I could relate more to English speaking crowds. I use a lot of stuff born out of  American influence. Japan and the U.S. are allies and I love Japanese culture. Taiwan and the U.S. are allies and I love Taiwanese culture. I can't be anti-American for a lot of reasons aside from the fact that some stuff I use are born out of American influence.

I usually don't like American shows which may explain why I don't feel anything special about Power Rangers. I don't know precisely when the feeling started. I don't think it really started when I discovered the existence of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. I guess it started with me watching Tokusatsu and Anime finding them "better" than the American adaptations. Not that I'm saying all American shows are stupid. I still watch some American shows but I hardly do watch most of them. This is weird considering I could only understand English and Filipino. Before, I used to watch cheesy dubs. After I'm happy for English subs, I ended up choosing to read fan subs because the real voice usually sounds better. But not everyone takes a liking for subs because not everyone's eyes can easily catch up with them. Problem with dubs is that there's a deadline to meet so accuracy can be easily compromised. An example is how Telesuccess Productions didn't have much time to check for accuracy so some things unintentionally get lost in translation.

There are many reasons why I tend not to like American shows in general even if I do watch a few of them. My complaints can be on overly simplistic plot, lack of plot intensity, the tendency to overly extend for ratings and some of them love to have overacting characters. There's the tendency that actors and actresses who don't overact in their real lives are forced to overact. There's a lot of annoying "hwa hya ha" in any action-oriented show but I guess I'm just biased about it. Some American shows are good but I find them to be like diamonds that they're hard to find. I do like some American-made movies and some of them are really good but as said, like diamonds you've got to dig harder to find them.

What I find weird is that while I generally prefer American shows, I find myself attracted to white girls more than Asian girls. Some white men are more attracted to Asian girls than while girls. I don't dare deny that there are some Asian girls that look better than white girls (ex. Nanami Nono is hotter than Tori Hanson) but I still think that Kimberly Hart is prettier and hotter than Mei. I can't really say as long as it's an Asian girl she's hot and the same goes for white girls either. It's been a case to case basis. In my case, I might expand on that one some other time. But it doesn't mean that when there's a more attractive girl on the other show that I say it's better. Let's face it I find Kimberly prettier than Mei but I'd still watch Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers or that Power Rangers Megafail will never get off my bashing list due to the writing. I hope the cast members do the same in bashing it too.

I can't consider myself guilty of colonial mentality either. One reason is that I don't think everything American or foreign is good. I go for variety from several countries because there's something good or bad in them. Certain types of Filipino food were born from Thai, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese influence though there are times I'd prefer Filipino food over its predecessors. It's like I prefer pochero today because I'm no mood for beef soba. I prefer Jollibee's hamburger over McDonald's while McDonald's has better fried chicken. Sure I love Japanese culture but I prefer Korean food over Japanese food. There are also a couple of Filipino delicacies worth tasting and foreigners love their taste. It's all about quality rather than country or nationality. In short, I don't favor any nationality and in the end, any nationality can go up and down depending on how the country is managed.


  1. A lot of the points you made were good however when you say things like "I find myself attracted to Caucasian girls more than Asian girls." some racist people will take just that to mean that caucasian girls are better even though you mentioned that for you it's on a case by case basis. This is because in the West there is a sort of prejudiced idea that when a Caucasian man prefers a non Caucasian woman it's a type of fetish. With Asian woman in particular it's not widely seen as being because the woman are beautiful, there's a perception of them being servile and more willing to be dominated by a man than caucasian or "black" women. Oh and if you're going to use "caucasian" to describe Europeans/white people then you should use Mongoloid to describe Asians because that's the comparative term. Caucasians include people from the India down to North Africa and I'm sure that's not what you meant.

    1. So I wwas just wondering what do you think should be a more proper term for caucasian? White? Somehow, I do have a hard time letting go of certain terms myself.


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