Satirical News: Kris Aquino Requests President Nobita To Declare Persona Non-Grata On Asia's Got Talent Judges!

Kris Aquino cried as she saw Gerphil Flores getting praised on Asia's Got Talent!

Kris Aquino had formally passed a request to her older brother President Nobita Aquino that she wants to have the judges of Asia's Got Talent to receive a persona non-grata.  The judges for Asia's Got Talent are namely Vanness Wu, David Foster, Anggun Cipta Sasmi and Melanie Jayne Chrisholm were the ones who praised Gerphil Flores for her talented performance as an outstanding one.

This clip from Asia's Got Talent did not easily slip through Kris Aquino's eyes.  She felt that she was greatly wronged by the show.  It was at this event that the judges praised Gerphil Flores for her outstanding talent as they were touched by her performance.  David Foster had signed a contract with Gerphil Flores calling her an outstanding musician.  The event pissed Kris Aquino off and she decided to process a request that will ban the four judges from ever stepping into the Philippines.

"This is not fair!  How could they praise Gerphil Flores after me and Aiai let REAL talent win.  She has no real talent unlike the winners we picked.  Plus, Gerphil herself is going against the tradition of the Philippines.  Those four judges must be declared persona non-grata before they threaten Pinoy Pride!" said Kris Aquino crying.

Vanness Wu was also interviewed when it came to the issue of Kris Aquino's persona non-grata.  He was known to have performed in the Philippines at least three times.  Now he commented, "Kris Aquino is a sore loser indeed.  ABiaS-CBN should rename their talent show as Pilipinas Got No Talent because they either could not see or refuse to see that Gerphil Flores has real talent.  She's a crybaby!"  Because of those words, he was first on the hit list for persona non-grata.

Details of the persona non-grata are still underway.


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