What's Wrong with Patronizing "Pinoy Pride Products"?

There are good Filipino products and there are bad ones too which I will proudly label as "Pinoy pride products" to which those pseudo-nationalists like the Bobo Muna, Migraine International, Anak ng Bobo and other groups.  So what's really the issue?  While it's good to buy local products to help the economy BUT one must realize that Filipinos cannot patronize their local garbage and the so-called "protectionism" cannot go any longer.  

While some Filipino products are export-worthy, worth patronizing but just like the truth that not all imported products are good, the same can apply to Filipino products.  I mean, you can look at the rotten fish in the market, unsafe drinks at the streets, pungko-pungko eateries and the like are everywhere.  These are Filipino products but of BAAAAD quality.  You can get germs for that.  Get germs for the sake of "nationalism"?  Really get real Pinoy pridists!  It's best to call it Pinoy pride products because they are proud of its horrible bad quality that kills both Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike!  

Like it or not, Jollibee is a Filipino-originated business.  But it does not only use Philippine made products.  Some of the appliances that are used are either from Japan or Korea, though I'm more of a patron towards Japanese electronics.  One might think that a mixture of Filipino and non-Filipino quality stuff will create good quality compared to patronizing the Pinoy pride products.  Just think about it- Filipinos should only be proud of quality Filipino products and discard garbage of any type whether Filipino or non-Filipino.