The Philippines and Mediocre to Bad Health Standards

One might consider how some Pinoy pridists claim that the Philippines is "number one" in hygiene just because they are pioneers in getting circumcision.  However, what is often ignored is that the Philippines has very poor health standards which can be noticed by the following...

One may look at how garbage is so much a problem in the Philippines especially in Luzon specifically in Manila or areas near Manila.  A lot of garbage creates the smoky mountain and destroyed the Pasig River to the point it ruined potential investments.  This is because Pinoys can't follow even simple guidelines.  They throw their trash just anywhere, they just poo and pee anywhere and they don't really care about cleanliness.

Poor toilet standards.  People just poo and pee and don't flush?  Worse the janitors just don't flush them?  Or what?  And I was thinking that establishments have a problem with not even cleaning their CRs!  Don't they realize how much germs can be spread because of this problem?

Arrogant Filipino squatters
Abundance of squatters left and right is yet another proof.  If the Philippines had good health standards, squatters would have been evicted much long ago.  This can also include drug addicts and the like.  These squatters have no proper sanitation.  One doesn't need to be rich to afford a good toilet and nobody needs a college degree to learn cleanliness, what one needs is to develop a sense for it.

You might even want to consider the abundance of dirty street food.  If Philippine health standards were good, they would have been gone long time ago.  But still, the sanitary permit is more good on paper than it is on anything.

Really do these things make it worth it to live in such areas?  Get real!


  1. Maybe Pinoys are preparing for the arrival of the Gaiark! XD


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