Satirical News: Migraine International Demands Foreign Nations to Respect Pinoy Pride

Members of Migraine International after failing to rescue their comrades who are currently locked up in Singapore and in China along with Bobo Muna, Anak ang Bobo and Akbobo members who wanted to avenge the deaths of Plor Kontemplasyon and later Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa now protest, "PLEASE RESPECT PINOY IDENTITY!"  This was done right after Damulag had beaten up President Nobita for refusing to apologize to China's government for the mishandling of the Pinoy National Police of the Rolando Murderza incident.

In the rally, bereaved relatives of Rolando Morona and his late brother Rolbobo Morona have all decided to protest some more.  They protested by giving Rolbobo Morona a hero's funeral, calling him a savior of the Pinoy race from "Chinese oppression" which they said that Bitayin, Non-Credo and Violationa were victims of it despite the crystal clear evidence that they were guilty of drug dealing.  However the members of Migraine International insisted that Bitayin, Non-Credo and Violationa were innocent on the account that they were Pinoys.

One member of Migraine International named Idiota Loka said, "Why can't they respect that's what makes us Pinoy?  We Pinoys are proud of our praning culture, our being late, our being mediocre, our being noisy, our being free-spirited... we Pinoys are the founders of true democracy!"  Idiota Loka became a member of Migraine International after she was fired in Singapore for answering back to her boss, who reprimanded her of texting at work and saying, "We Pinoys are a free people!  You Singaporeans have nothing on us!"  She now demands "justice for Pinoys" who were rightfully fired at the workplaces, insisting Pinoys everywhere are oppressed.  Idiota Loka went to the new territory called "Lawless Tondo" where American ex-pat Blob Blabbersky had become the "champion for freedom".

Just as of late, a lot of Pinoy maids were also deported from Singapore because they could not learn to follow rules after they were sent to two months of imprisonment for vandalizing public property during March 17, 2014.  Since none of them were guilty of murder, they were merely deported after their sentence of thirty days after pleading guilty since it was not a severe violation.  Yet despite the fact they were able to return alive save some stripes from the caning, they all all still said in a slogan, "Oppression!  You just sent them back so you won't get another stigma like you did to our Joan of Arc, Plor Kontemplasyon!"  However Singapore simply sent them a message saying, "If you people want to be respected, respect others first!"