Some "Odd" But Delicious Delicacies I Like

For some people they think these are yucky but here they are... but obviously I am very against any other meat outside pork, chicken, beef, goat or lamb since many of the other dishes outside these tend to be a lot more harmful to their consumers.  Like dogs, cats, monkeys, bats, etc. may harm you more than the usual serving of pork.

Pig's ear dish

Grilled pork intestines

Chicken feet

Roast pig head

Grilled chicken gizzard

Semi-incubated duck egg or balut

Crispy pork leg or crispy pata

Pork blood stew

Pork intestine soup

Grilled pork spleen

Fried pork intestine though I prefer the broiled alternative

Grilled chicken liver

Paella negra

Braised beef tongue

Sisig which is made from pork head muscles

Vegetarian meat

Turkey leg