Broiling What Should Have Been Fried Foods... My Choice!

I remembered in the past there was the use of frying.  Yup, it wasn't getting any better that what was fried was already greasy since it was meat.  However trying the broiler, it worked wonders.  In fact, it got rid of a lot of oil while making the meat more delicious at the same time.  It really worked more wonders than frying meat.  In fact, the flavor is kept while a lot of oil is gone at the same time.  Now here's some that can be broiled instead of fried...

Crispy pata- Yup this starts to taste better when you broil it rather than fry it.  In fact, the skin gets crispy without having to use the excess oil plus there is less risk that the meat will every dry up but not that it can't dry up if you overcook it.  For one, the natural juices are kept more intact.

Chicharon bulaklak- Frying can make this more greasy than it already is.  However with broiling, my experience is that the pork intestines manage to preserve some flavor while a lot of oil drip underneath the grill the raw materials are placed on.  Yup, that's a lot of oil gone and believe me, this tastes better than the usual fried routine.

Lechon kawali- It may even turn into "chicharon" in the process.  My favorite part of this is how the fat manages to shrink away with the oil dripping below.  For one, the skin tastes crispier while the oil has been drained out.  Pretty much good actually.

Well that's just that.  I hope it'll change your experience.


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