Do Many Failipinos Even Celebrate Poverty?!

They all celebrate poverty as a blessing... never mind sooner or later, they aren't having money to spend on their basic needs!!!!

One of the biggest BS that Failipinos share is "Blessed are the poor..." which again, one may consider the different degrees of poverty.  Anybody who thinks living in the slum, having nowhere to go, always in financial nadir is a blessing is definitely NOT blessed but is cursed as much as a person who has too much money.  Also, several times that statement is so taken out of context.  The problem is poverty can be a blessing if it led the person to learn the value of money and got over it.  Trials and misfortunes can be blessings but not all the time.

Now the problem is that many Failipinos choose poverty over alleviation, they choose not to use money wisely, they even reject work in favor of parasitism and want to take the easy way out never mind begging is a very hard income compared to being a hotdog vendor.  Take a look at the squatters' areas.  Tondo, Manila is definitely no paradise except for non-law abiding people that is!  For any enlightened Pinoy in Tondo, they are most likely going to leave the town, move somewhere better and tell the story how they got away from being squatters to becoming professionals.  However the problem of the Failipino is in them celebrating poverty.  They are always thinking of "blessed are the poor" which they always forget the REAL meaning behind it.  Poverty is not always material, many people are poor financially but do not have the sense of humility.  Instead, they are proud of their being poor.

One of the things I've noticed is how often the poor use their being poor in escaping justice.  If the rich can pay the judge to declare them innocent, the poor can also fool a dimwitted judge by pleading with their poverty to escape eviction from not paying for rental or to offenses like stealing from people... and they justify it because they are poor.  They view the rich as oppressive and evil, they view themselves as the victim (ENOUGH OF THE VICTIM CARD!!!!!) and that the rich are their oppressors and that they must be liberated.  So if a rich man justly fires a poor man for not doing his job, they label it as unjust oppression but when a poor man steals from a rich man's hard earned money, they view it as their liberation and justice.  WTF!

Maybe another reason why a lot of Failipinos choose to remain poor is because they can easily get close to politicians.  It's always been part of showbiz government.  After all, just how many working people rich or not... would actually get the chance to get a picture with the incumbent president?  HARDLY!  For example, any hardworking laborer in a rice mill would be too busy to even get a picture with the president and his boss would be too busy computing taxes and salaries to get that "once in a lifetime chance".  Seriously, is meeting the incumbent president more important than getting a steady supply of money?  It's that kind of idiocy that drags down the Philippines continually more than ever.