Four Ways that Failipino Tenants Are A Pain in the Ass to Every Decent Filipino Tenant or Landlord!

Events really just inspire me to write all these kinds of entries doesn't it?  For one, I even think that it's time to write about Failipino or FLIFPAG tenants to why they area  problem to every decent Filipino tenant and to every decent Filipino landlord.  Every decent Pinoy or Filipino tenant works hard, they abide by the rules, they believe in treating everyone right, they believe in give and take.  On the other hand, the Failipino tenant is one of their major enemies.

Now here's the problems that can be commonly observed and being a land owner, it's simple as that these people believe that the customer is always right:

1.) Failipino tenants are known to violate rules written by contract aside from payment.  You can name it from not following village rules to sub-leasing the premises when it's clearly against the contract.  For them, not following rules is more fun in the Philippines!

2.) They tend to be very lazy even to get their own application for utilities.  It's really problematic how they would want the landlord to get their water and electricity application for them, when they are the ones going to use it.  Now the landlord must sign the permission but they are supposed the ones to apply for it.  Some of them even steal electricity from their neighboring tenants which is a leading source of conflict.

3.) When it's time to pay for rent, make a range of excuses.  Failipino tenants don't love to pay on time, they love making excuses so they can freeload.  Like they can use their poverty as a justification like saying stupid stuff like it's Filipino tradition not to pay bills on time, it was fiesta time and fiesta is part of Filipino tradition and so on.  For them, making excuses is more fun in the Philippines.

4.) Being more arrogant than the landlord with their wrong sense of entitlement.  To be honest, it pisses me off when well-paying tenants complain to me about a certain tenant who is... not abiding by the rules is still there!  I mean, it's an unfair system that punishes the diligent and rewards the lazy.  When the landlord asks for the pay, they even get so arrogant as to answer back and say, "Well I dare you to kick me out!"  It's just like those arrogant squatters.  My decent Pinoy tenant even complains how that Failipino tenant is really such a pain to others too.

It's really a sad thing how this happens more often than not.  Every decent Filipino (Pinoy or not) is really going to need to take action against FLIPFAGs tenants.  It's time to show everyone that squatters and bad tenants are violators of human rights too!