Saluting Failipino Products and Services is NOT Patriotism But Stupidity

Now as a self-employed Tsinoy, I don't have any problem with asking for support of the local industry.  As said, local Filipino businessmen NEED local support but one thing is the huge problem. What would that be?  The keyword towards the whole problem is QUALITY... and the problem of the Philippines is a lack of quality in a lot of its products.  You could really think of badly made products.

While it's patriotism to salute quality Filipino products and services but to salute Failipino products and services is tantamount to betraying one's country.  Again it's NOT colonial mentality to like anything imported.  What is wrong is when you buy everything imported regardless of quality even if it's junk just because it's imported.  The same goes if you buy everything local regardless of quality even if it's junk just because it's local!

Here are a few examples with how Failipino products and services (Pinoy products of bad quality) that is definitely pulling down the nation, only a TOTAL IDIOT of any kind would salute these:

1.) Failipino food that can make you sick

Food quality control is very bad in many places.  I can't forget why the Polish writer said she will go hungry than eat Filipino food.  Now not all Filipino food is bad, she just had a bad timing in getting Filipino food at the wrong place.  She got Failipino food, not quality Filipino food.  Now the problem is that for the Failipino, they would rather eat in a dirty Pinoy carenderia than eat in a foreign restaurant that's clean and well-cared for.

For them, "I'd rather get (insert disease) than eat in a foreign restaurant!"  It's just like my classic example- will I eat at KFC or will I eat at a dirty carenderia?  One doesn't realize that any dirty carenderia is not sanitized just because it's Pinoy-owned.  Anything is sanitary because it's sanitary.  For example, any restaurants ran by Manuel Pages an enlightened Pinoy businessman is good.  He runs places like Lantaw, Mooon Cafe (which he bought from its previous owners) and Thirsty.  Although I'm not a fan of Mooon Cafe but I would admit, the place is still bursting with customers because of its quality.  Lantaw is also another place that serves quality Filipino food at a nice ambiance.

To be practical, I would eat at KFC though I am prone to eating at Jollibee or any Filipino-ran companies depending on my mood.  For one, there is NOTHING wrong with eating foreign food.  By eating foreign food, it encourages tourists to eat Filipino food.  It is an exchange of ideas.

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2.) Crappy Failipino entertainment

ABiaS-CBN and other Filipino networks are making Failipinos out of Filipinos.  One may consider a lot of wrong things with Failipino drama such as recycling too much, nothing new, copy here and there.... and I might include bad acting, poor special effects, poor plot and all.  I might also want to mention my favorite example is Mula Sa Puso which was one of ABiaS-CBN's shows.  It was a very LOOOOONG plotted drama where almost nothing happens.  All people care are extensions, not proper endings.  Seriously, it gets really stupid.

I could also mention how aside from the protagonist is poor, the rich is usually evil, it promotes the victim card mentality to the audience who views it.  How many times do Failipino drama promote victim card?  A LOT!  Remembering the Flor Contemplacion Story which starred Nora Aunor, it portrayed the Pinoy in general as a victim.  It became top one in the box office because it appealed to the playing the victim card mentality a lot.  I really just think that the victim card mentality is one of Failipino media's favorite themes on TV.

I guess that's why PLDC and Globe are putting data caps into their systems... to PROTECT the scumbag television networks.  After all, with Internet you can start to watch a couple of quality shows.  Now here's the reality I also face with Failipino media.  The Failipino says, "To be Filipino, we must only watch Pinoy TV programs."  Excuse me, don't tell me all their equipment is Filipino made too?  One of the biggest effects of choosing a Failipino media over quality media of any kind (Filipino or not) is that... it influences Pinoys for the dumber.  Enlightened Pinoys reject such garbage knowing how such shows will only make them dumb and dumber.

3.) Lastly, items that are badly produced especially those that threaten your well-being as well as the environment

Failipinos brag of their resourcefulness to the point many love to use faulty equipment.  It can go all the way from edible to non-edible goods.  I would admit some Filipino-made furniture, jewelry and food items are export quality.  For example, Cebu is a home to quality Filipino exportation, which in turn supports the export industry of the Philippines.  One has to consider that a developed country's exports exceeds its imports.  But the problem is how can the Philippines overall achieve that IF the standards are VERY LOW and Failipino based and not quality Filipino based?

I just had my thought on some problems with some Pinoy products.  Now there are quality Pinoy products, no questions asked.  However some Pinoy products can be considered faulty like those that easily break down.  Like let's think if you have faulty equipment, it will always create faulty products.  While faulty products may come from good equipment but remember, faulty equipment can only create faulty products.  You cannot expect to cook quality meat dishes if you are slicing meat with a rusty knife which can spread tetanus and other various diseases!

Now for an analogy.  Remember the Riddle of Steel in the Conan movie?  Thulsa Doom says that flesh is stronger than steel, but still Thulsa Doom uses steel.  The point is, no matter how high the quality, if you can't use it, you can't make the best of it.  Yet also, it doesn't mean ignoring quality altogether.  After Conan uses the broken sword against Thulsa Doom, he simply throws it aside since it can no longer be used in battle.  In short, it's a combination of quality... the man and the sword go together.

Until Failipinos stop with their habits to seek to become enlightened Filipinos, they will continue in their pseudo-patriotism that will continue to drag the nation down!