Planned Fic: Kamen Rider Fourze vs. Jimmy Neutron

Well I'm done with Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom, looks like it's time for another crazy crossover.  I haven't updated Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon or Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers (hoping to get the second part of the Zyuranger episode done and two, got to watch more Big Time Rush to get the next episode done) though here's my planned fic for the moment.  It's Kamen Rider Fourze vs. Jimmy Neutron- Jimmy Neutron being born on 1990 (most likely) should be at least 22 years old during the time of Fourze so he's a College student.  Well it's another East meets West... and I am inspired to write this fic thanks to Power Rangers and the hoax of Power Rider Apollo!

Now for some plot details:

I might want to use the "Seeing is Believing" plot so I might want to rewatch "Santa Claus: The Movie", "Miracle on 34th Street" or "The Polar Express" to give me a slight clue to how it's being done.  So far I have seen those movies before but I just thought how can I make Jimmy Neutron the skeptic who doesn't believe in the existence of Kamen Riders believe in their existence?

Because in my plot... now for the preview:

Sheen Estevez being a believer in Ultralord now is a believer in the urban legend of Kamen Riders which Jimmy Neutron says is just a myth.  So pretty much Fourze becomes the substitute.  Hmmm should I call this "Miracle on Retroville" anyone?  Sheen must go "aahhh..." when he meets Gentaro.

Gentaro Kisaragi is basically "Santa Claus" in here but don't expect toys from him, coal if you've been naughty though he'll eat the cookies the people in Retroville leave behind.  Well looks like he might be an easy person to manipulate.  He does have the "Grease" look which makes me want them to jokingly call him "John Travolta of Japan".

It's boy genius vs. boy genius.  So Kengo's a boy genius and then so is Jimmy Neutron, now 22 years old.  Jimmy Neutron has always been skeptical.  Who remembers the episode when he doesn't believe in Santa Claus whose existence in his continuity is hardly debatable?  Compared to Santa Claus, the fiction of Kamen Rider is outside his continuity so he's naturally a skeptic on that issue.  So Jimmy Neutron's line is, "Kamen Rider is just an urban legend Sheen!  You've got to be an idiot to believe they exist!" or when he meets Fourze he says, "Come on, everybody knows that Kamen Riders... ain't... real!"  Then he becomes a believer in Kamen Riders.

Good old Professor Phenomenus ahem Calamitous.  As much as I want to delete any references to Super Sentai or Power Rangers here but I want to throw the joke since he does look like Professor Phenomenus and both are just as stupid except the former is EVIL.  Too bad the character who plays Phenomenus has long died.  I just wonder really for those who watch Power Rangers and Super Sentai whether or not the joke is too corny but still, I'd hate to ignore they're both incompetent and they look alike.

Eustace Strytch
Eustace Strych may become part of the Zodiarts.  But what constellation should be given to him?  Maybe he should be more focused than Professor Calamitous.

Well Beautiful Gorgeous would be most likely 29 years old.  Initial plan is that she has fully reformed and married Jet Fusion, causing her to be estranged from her father.

Meanwhile Mitsuaki Gamou has now conspired with Finbarr Calamitous.