Asking Amnesty for Guilty OFWs is NOT Legal Protection

Well it's a countdown for Flor Contemplacion's death anniversary which she was rightfully executed last March 17, 1995 to whom Migrante Internationale is taking as its inspiration.  Now I'd like to state the fact that what the Migrante Internationale is asking for guilty OFWs is NOT even legal protection!  Why is that?

Please do consider the fact that most of the OFWs that were usually executed by legal means were the guilty ones while innocent ones continue their stay.  OFWs that didn't break the law in their working area usually get fair treatment.  Reading the cases about the three infamous drug mules Sally Ordinario, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain they were confirmed guilty.  Communist or not, China is serious with its war on drugs even executing its local citizens involved in the industry.  Legal protection?  It's more like doing justice to protect the legal system of China from drug mules regardless where they come from!  I won't be surprised if these three got their own separate movies still under the same production that made that pathetic piece of trash called The Flor Contemplacion Story!

If you ask me what makes most of the developed countries mostly better than the Philippines is this- they DO NOT ask for amnesty for their guilty citizens.  Singapore could care less who among their citizens offends abroad, they don't plead for them.  They don't whine about their immunity and whatever.  A lot of budget for the Philippines is wasted even by the government for trying to plead for its guilty citizens abroad.  Puh-lease, how much whining will these Pinoy pridists do?