Pinoy Pridists Better Beware NOT To Provoke China!

When thinking that the Chinese government is trying to claim Spratlys for themselves (without any real claim as Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, etc. might have entered in and out of it), but Pinoy pridists better be careful about provoking China.  In fact, here's an article from Antipinoy that really makes sense.  In fact, the Chinese army these days can be very aggressive and I would think twice before attacking them directly!  And for the commentator there?  Hmmm if a Chinese guy who can speak both Tagalog and Chinese enters there, it should be a real start of a war if you ask me.

With how the Bayan Muna is facing the Communist army of China, really don't expect anything good from it.  Deng Xiaopeng really launched a massive attack at the Tiananmen Square.  I was even thinking I really dare these Pinoy pridists to FIGHT China themselves WITHOUT anything that's not Filipino!  And of course, I was thinking Philippines won't stand a chance against China either.  Really I wouldn't dare provoke the Chinese dragon to anger before it devours me.

And I was thinking should the Philippine government keep asking for amnesty for guilty Filipinos in China, expect real scale conflict soon.  In fact, I really dare all those members of Bayan Muna and Migrante Internationale to rally in China (hee hee, if they have the money to do so) and try to throw tomatoes at the Chinese government.  It wouldn't be a matter of time the Chinese government will pulverize them thus reducing problems in the Philippines!