Possible Violent Reactions from Pinoy Pridists for SM To Honor Michael Christian Martinez

So yeah congratulations to this great Filipino not Pinoy athlete Michael Christian Martinez who succeeded despite coming from a nation of morons, hypocrites and NO Pinoy government support.  Now with the reality that SM will honor this young lad, I feel there are violent reactions from Pinoy pridists especially from the anti-Chinese ones.  Yeah Henry Sy is a Filipino-Chinese and he will be awarded at SM as a Filipino hero and NOT a Pinoy hero.  Now for my speculated violent reactions especially from the pseudo-nationalistic group known as the Bobo Muna.

So what will Bobo Muna do?  Hee hee, the Bobo Muna Partylist is bound to do stupid stuff... and they are a bunch of idiots that should be caned hardly.

My speculated wild guesses are that they will start to call Michael Christian Martinez a traitor for not gloating about his being Filipino.  Usually Filipinos who are successful DO NOT gloat that they succeed because they are Filipino.  I mean, you can take a look at Leondro Locsin or Lea Salonga.  They DO NOT gloat about their Filipino blood.  On the other hand failure sucker Pinoy pridists are those who gloat about their Filipino blood!  Only a real loser would gloat about their race being the best just because one person succeeded.  For one, why should Michael give a hero's call?  The government is circusing its trials (like the Corona trial) rather than giving priority to somebody who can make a name for the Philippines!

Since SM is owned by a Filipino-Chinese namely Henry Sy, I guess they'll soon probably start saying, "Hey you Singkit (an insult word for Chinese by Pinoy pridists) you have no honor to honor our fellow Filipino." then they might also say, "Michael if you receive their award, you are a traitor."  Really where were the Pinoy pridists when this young lad went abroad with so little allowance?  Who gave him support?  Government?  No!  But sensible Filipinos who want to show that they're different from the Pinoys.

In fact, I wish Michael Christian Martinez will go to these countries next to compete- SINGAPORE AND CHINA.  Hee hee.  That should troll those Pinoy pridists and put them to further anger!


  1. Wow, it was kind of over-the-top, frankly. I mean, in Tagalog, parang sobra naman. :P


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